• Unexpectedly Yours Trailer
    Unexpectedly Yours Trailer

Unexpectedly Yours


Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Sharon Cuneta, Robin Padilla



Patty and Cocoy are former classmates who meet 30 years later at their high school reunion.

Time has been tough on both of them. From dealing with an annulment to the simmering tension with her daughter Yanni, Patty is a working woman who has seen better days. Cocoy, on the other hand, is an aging bachelor unable to start a family of his own due to being his loved ones' main provider. Luckily, his nephew Jason is there to push him in the right direction.  

Patty and Cocoy’s reconnection becomes inevitable when they find themselves as new neighbors. Will Cocoy finally muster the courage to court the woman he has always had feelings for? And will Patty still take a chance on love late in life?  

Character Guide

Cocoy (Robin Padilla): A hardworking man dedicated to his extended family. Unknown to most, he is still in love with his old schoolmate, Patty.

(Sharon Cuneta): A woman going through a long-drawn out mid-life crisis, she tries to close her heart off – until she reunites with her old high school classmate, Cocoy.

Yanni (Julia Barretto): Patty’s aloof daughter with whom she has a shaky relationship with. Her life, along with her mother’s, is shaken with the arrival of two admirers.

(Joshua Garcia): Cocoy’s nephew and “partner in crime” who only wants to see his uncle happy. He eventually falls for Yanni and humorously tries to pursue her.


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