• The Ghost Bride Trailer
    The Ghost Bride Trailer

The Ghost Bride


Kim Chiu, Matteo Guidicelli, Alice Dixson



In a small district of Chinatown, a young woman named Mayen Lim strives each day to help support her family amid their heavy financial woes.

But the stress of life soon takes its toll when her father’s heart condition worsens and they find themselves in danger of losing their home.

In Mayen’s most desperate time of need, a matchmaker named Angie Lao appears and offers her a strange business proposal: in exchange for a comfortable life, Mayen must marry a dead rich man.

What will happen when she accepts the deal?

And more importantly, what will happen when she decides to end it?

Character Guide

Mayen Lim (Kim Chiu): A selfless daughter who, by sheer need to save her dying father and family from homelessness, enters a deal to become a dead man’s bride.

Clinton Yu (Matteo Guidicelli): Mayen’s fiancé who is torn between choosing his own happiness or heeding his family’s heavy demands.

Angie Lao (Alice Dixson): A mysterious matchmaker who is tasked to arrange a “ghost marriage” between Mayen and her deceased betrothed.

David Chao (Christian Bables): Mayen’s old friend and admirer. In the years that pass, he will play a significant role in her fate as a ghost bride.  


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