• Finally Found Someone Trailer
    Finally Found Someone Trailer

Finally Found Someone


Sarah Geronimo, John Lloyd Cruz



Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… but wait, where’s the groom? “Finally Found Someone” delves deep into the real meaning of love, following the story of Aprilyn, an bride-to-be who got stood up by her fiancé, Randy, on the day of their wedding.

After the fiasco, Randy’s father, a public figure, decides to hire one of the country’s best PR strategists, Raffy, to do some serious damage control in order to maintain his son’s image.

Raffy agrees, dutifully accepting the challenge. He looks for Aprilyn, and earns her trust by saying that he will help her start anew. He does everything to lift her spirits and build her confidence, developing feelings for her in the process.

Raffy’s only job was to help Aprilyn find her happy ending. But what if they find their ever after with each other?

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