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    Forever My Love Trailer
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Forever My Love
(Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin)


Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Coleen Garcia



In any competition, what matters is what leads you to the finish line.  

His grandmother's pride and joy, Gabriel Viloria’s goals are to one day reunite with his parents and provide for his family. He develops a special bond with Bianca Agbayani, a girl who shares similar dreams. But they part ways when her family moves away and they lose touch with one another.  

As the years go by, Gabriel grows into a fine young man who takes life's challenges head on, juggling work and studies. Similarly, Bianca grows into a promising athlete about to secure a huge endorsement deal. 

As she trains, Bianca catches the heart of the dashing Carlos Dela Vega, the country's top triathlete. She also earns the ire of his bitter ex-girlfriend, the cunning Isabel Reyes.

But as luck would have it, Gabriel and Bianca's shared interests lead them to be reunited at a triathlon organized by Carlos’ company. As the two reconnect, they slowly fall in love. However, obstacles arise to level the playing field.

From Carlos' jealousy to Isabel’s schemes, Bianca and Gabriel's love will be threatened by a secret so great, it could ruin the lives of all those connected to it. Will their love endure the heat of the competition? Or will it burn out as the game intensifies?

Character Guide

Bianca Agbayani (Kim Chiu) A dutiful daughter and talented aspiring athlete who hopes to fulfil the dreams she and her family hold all to make them proud.

Gabriel Villoria
(Gerald Anderson)
A determined man with strong principles, Gabriel has the dedication of a true blue collar worker and the drive of a budding athlete ready to give it all for his family.

Carlos Dela Vega
(Jake Cuenca)
Cool and confident, he is the image of the perfect athlete but struggles to win his father's approval. As he helps Bianca become the endorser of his father’s company, he slowly falls for her.

Isabelle Reyes
(Coleen Garcia)
Both beautiful and cunning, she is a strong woman who will not let anyone take what she feels is rightfully hers, most especially her ex, Carlos - who she still loves.

Maila Agbayani
(Bing Loyzaga)
Bianca and Jayjay's devoted mother who used to be a skilled athlete until a tragic event crippled her. Her dreams are reborn through her daughter.

Ben Salcedo
(Dante Rivero)
Bianca’s grandfather who she takes after when it comes to being positive. The pillar of strength for his family, he understands how much they depend on him emotionally that he hides his worsening health.

Victoria Quintana-Dela Vega
(Ayen Laurel)
Carlos’ stepmother and Roman’s Wife. A former athlete who's endured a life of hardship and treasures the life she has now, she hides a deep secret from her past.

Rigor Villoria (Daniel Fernando)
Gabriel's father who went missing for 20 years until his fateful return. He used to be a headstrong man who would leap before he looked, but has grown more sinister.

Roman Dela Vega
(Michael De Mesa)
Carlos' father and Victoria's husband. He is the Chairman and CEO of the Dela Vega Group of Companies. Powerful, intelligent and very possessive, he is feared and respected by those who know him.

Lydia Villoria
(Gina Pareno)
Gabriel's loving grandmother who raised him after her son Rigor entrusted him to her care.

“Jay-Jay” Agbayani Jr. (Grae Fernandez)
Charming and witty, "Jayjay" is Bianca's wisecracking little brother.

"Steph" Reyes (Andrea Brillantes)
Isabel's younger sister who looks up to her a great deal even if their relationship isn't the best.

Olsen Brillante
(Nicco Manalo)
Gabriel’s dedicated childhood best friend who adds some much-needed cheerfulness into the seriousness his best friend’s life will take.

Derek Teves
(Ivan Carapiet)
Isabelle’s close friend and fellow triathlete who will end up training Gabriel in sports.

Simeon Mendoza
(Juan Miguel Severo)
The son of the Dela Vega family’s driver who will later become Carlos’ assistant and very loyal confidante.  

Via Antonio (Marilyn Peralta)
Bianca’s best friend since high school whose supportive nature will continue to uplift Bianca in the challenges she will face.


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