• Till I Met You: Trailer
    Till I Met You: Trailer
  • Till I Met You: Pilot Episode
    Till I Met You: Pilot Episode
  • Till I Met You: Episode 5
    Till I Met You: Episode 5

Till I Met You


James Reid, Nadine Lustre, JC Santos, Carmina Villarroel, Zoren Legaspi, Pokwang and Angel Aquino

Strongest among male and female teens


Iris is a scholar who has planned her whole life out down to the minute details.  After finishing her studies and earning enough money, she hopes to set up a business and eventually start her own family. On the other hand, her childhood best friend, Ali, has only recently figured out what he wants to be in life after turning away from his father’s military dreams for him.

Together, they enter the hospitality industry and start their training in the scenic Greek isles.  There, they meet up with a charming tour guide named Basti. A free-spirited dreamer who unintentionally gets in the way of Iris and Ali’s blossoming romance.

But soon enough, they find themselves caught in an unusual love triangle. One where they are all the third wheel.

Once their families get involved, however, more serious conflicts arise to test their bond.

And in the process, long buried heartaches come to light that will shake the very foundations of their friendship.

Character Guide

Nadine Lustre as Iris Duico An immensely responsible scholar who has planned her life down to the smallest detail, Iris has big dreams and ambitions for herself and her family. She is also in love with her best friend, Ali.

James Reid as Sebastian "Basti” Valderama A half-Greek, half-Filipino tour guide who works in Greece. Starting off as a rebellious, free-spirit who lives in the moment, he eventually falls for Iris.

JC Santos as Alejandro "Ali" Nicolas The only child of a general and chef, he is Iris' best friend who only recently discovers his true passion in life after being inspired by Basti.

Carmina Villarroel-Legaspi as Cassandra Iris' ever-loving mother who's had her fair share of heartbreaks in the past. A talented handicraft maker, her life revolves around her children and their happiness.

Zoren Legaspi as Nestor  Basti's estranged father. A successful architect in Greece, he was once a cunning ladies' man who toyed with women's hearts. He puts his career above all else, resulting in a strained relationship with his son.

Angel Aquino as Valerie One of Cassandra's two best friends, they initially met after realizing they were all being played by Nestor. Now a successful businesswoman, she still holds Nestor in her heart. 

Pokwang as Agnes Ali's devoted mother. A skilled chef and restaurant owner, she is also best friends with Cassandra and Valerie and everyone's shoulder to lean on.


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