• I'll Never Say Goodbye: Trailer
    I'll Never Say Goodbye: Trailer
  • I'll Never Say Gloodbye: Pilot Episode
    I'll Never Say Gloodbye: Pilot Episode
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    I'll Never Say Goodbye: Episode 5

I'll Never Say Goodbye
(Magpahanggang Wakas)


Jericho Rosales, Arci Munoz, Gelli de Belen, Lito Pimentel, Rita Avila, Liza Lorena, Danita Paner and John Estrada

Strongest among male and female teens


Amid a beautiful island in their youth, Waldo and Aryann were once deeply in love. But they are torn apart by tragedy, when Waldo goes to jail after accidentally killing Aryann's uncle who attempted to molest her.

Aryann does everything she can to get Waldo out of prison and later finds herself being forced into prostitution. On her first night as an escort, she meets Tristan, a rich man who unexpectedly does not take advantage of her vulnerability. Nothing happens between them, but Tristan leaves Aryann a large sum of money, enough to hire a lawyer who helps free Waldo. Their happiness is short-lived, when the revenge-seeking brother of Aryann's uncle ends up shooting Waldo. With his body nowhere to be found, Aryann presumes Waldo is dead. It turns out that a nurse named Leila saved and treated Waldo until he recovered from his post-traumatic disorder. But by the time he returns to his hometown, Waldo learns Aryann has moved on and already started a new life in the city. Years pass, and as Waldo pursues his dream of becoming a marine engineer, a twist of fate reunites him with his former flame. His boss Tristan introduces him to his fiancee, who is none other than his one great love, Aryann, now a successful lawyer. When their paths collide, old wounds and feelings resurface as they try to resist one another.

Waldo and Aryann's love story has been marred by time and circumstance, and worse, is now imperilled by Tristan and bitter rivals. Will their undying love survive the odds?

Character Guide

Waldo del Mar played by Jericho Rosales Working his way to becoming a marine engineer, Waldo is a man driven by his intense passions and will do just about everything to protect those he loves, especially Aryann.

Aryann Castillo played by Arci Muñoz Despite being orphaned at a young age, Aryann remains a kind young woman who hopes to achieve her dreams with her loved ones by her side. But she eventually must choose between her heart and mind.

Tristan Lozado played by John Estrada A philanthropist, Tristan is successful businessman who's been burned by love once before and eventually finds it again with Aryann – supporting her every goal and dream.

Jenna Celis-Lozado played by Gelli de Belen Tristan's bitter ex-wife who he split up with after catching her cheating on him. She is determined to win Tristan back and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals and reunite their family.

Chesca played by Maika Rivera A devoted daughter, Chesca's life was turned upside down when her parents, Jenna and Tristan, split up. And when Aryann enters their lives, she sees her as an obstacle to reuniting her family.

Malena "Nenang" del Mar played by Liza Lorena A strong and family-oriented woman, Nenang is Waldo's grandmother and the Del Mar matriarch who puts her family's well-being above all else.

Nicolas "Kulas" del Mar played by Lito Pimentel Waldo's righteous father who instills in his sons the value of principles and tries to guide and support them as much as he can.

Enrique “King” del Mar played by Jomari Angeles Waldo's younger brother who hopes to live up to his family's expectations and make them proud.

Rosing Natividad played by Rita Avila Aryann's self-sacrificing aunt who holds a bitter grudge within herself for always supporting everyone else's dreams and setting aside her own.

Leila played by Danita Paner The lonely nurse who cared for Waldo in his time of need. But once he returns to his family, she continues to cling on to a hopeless love until she loses herself completely.


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