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Janice de Belen, Tirso Cruz III, Zsazsa Padilla, Dante Rivero, Mylene Dizon, Barbara Perez, Enrique Gil, Jessy Mendiola and Gerald Anderson

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male teens (13-19)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam


A product of a medical procedure gone wrong, Budoy struggles through a life of rejection and misery but nonetheless remains pure at heart. His biological father, the highly successful and respectable Dr. Anton Maniego, performs artificial insemination on his beautiful wife Luisa to satisfy their yearning for a child of their own. However, Budoy was born mentally challenged, causing delays in his intellectual development. Seen as a disgrace to their family of doctors, his grandmother sends him away making it appear as though he was kidnapped. Luisa’s devastation from the tragedy drives her husband to find an orphan to pretend to be their kidnapped son, in the person of BJ. Meanwhile, Budoy grows up to be a warm and cheerful young man in the foster care of Elena. He endures society’s ridicule and mockery while he struggles to learn and educate himself. He crosses paths with his real family again when he becomes friends with BJ’s ex-girlfriend Jackie. Soon after, he discovers the truth about his identity after an accident that turns him into a genius. More conflicts arise when Budoy falls in love with Jackie, as he is now forced to confront his own flesh and blood who inflicted his cruel fate.

Character Guide

Gerald Anderson as Budoy
• Mentally disabled, suffering from “Angelman Syndrome”
• He dreams of being able to study so that he can be smarter, get a job and provide for his mother and grandfather
• A loving and kind-hearted boy but his character will be tested when an accident changes him and reveals his real identity

Enrique Gil as BJ Maniego
• Heir to the Maniego Medical family empire
• Foster brother of Budoy
• The big man on campus — a heartthrob, rich, popular and proud
• Constantly pressured by his family to excel—a problem which he only tells Jackie
• Son of Grace from a relationship before her marriage to Isaac

Jessy Mendiola as Jackie Marasigan
• A simple beautiful girl from the province
• Budoy’s childhood bestfriend and first girlfriend
• Has a soft spot for Budoy
• Very helpful and makes it a point to help Budoy in his studies
• Ex-girlfriend of BJ
• Intelligent and dreams to be a teacher like her mother

Tirso Cruz III as Dr. Anton Maniego
• Husband of Luisa and father of Budoy
• The number one oby gynaecologist in the country
• The eldest Maniego and is deemed as the figure head of the company
• Underneath his powerful stature, he hides a dark secret

Zsa Zsa Padilla as Luisa Maniego
• Dr. Anton’s former secretary and came from a poor family
• Wife of Dr. Anton
• Mother of Budoy
• She has to constantly prove herself that she is not a gold digger
• Runs the Maniego foundation and is helping Budoy attain his dreams of studying

Barbara Prerez as Dr. Alberta Maniego
• Widowed mother of Dr. Anton
• The Matriarch of the Maniego family
• Deemed as the best heart surgeon but is cold as ice
• Puts importance in their name and reputation
• Prim and proper
• Charming but is secretly manipulative and iron fisted
• Founder and owner of Maniego University
• A strict mother-she wants that her children always excel in everything they do

Christian Vasquez as Dr. Isaac Maniego
• Youngest Maniego and the warmest
• A neurologist
• He balances the con%ict between his brother Anton and his mother Alberta
• Grew up in a competitive household thus the rivalry between him and Anton
• Follows everything his mother says including who to marry

Mylene Dizon as Dr. Grace Maniego
• Wife of Isaac, also a neurologist
• President of Maniego University
• Constantly in conflict with Luisa because deep inside she has a dark secret
• BJ’s biological mother

Janice de Belen as Ellena
• Budoy’s adoptive mother
• Had a long and dark past which was enlightened when Budoy entered her life
• She will do everything to protect Budoy even if it means hiding the truth from him
• Finished only until grade 6 because her mother died at an early age and was forced to provide for her family

Dante Rivero as Rene
• Budoy’s adoptive grandfather
• Treated Ellena as a prodigal daughter for running off with a man but Budoy slowly bridged the gap between him and Ellena
• Will do everything to protect his family


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