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    Dolce Amore: Trailer
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    Dolce Amore: Pilot Episode
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Dolce Amore


Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, Matteo Guidicelli, Sunshine Cruz, Andrew E., Rio Locsin, Edgar Mortiz, Ruben Soriquez and Cherrie Gil

Strongest among male and female teens.


Serena and Tenten are two young wandering souls, both in search of who they really are, and brought together by destiny and by an infallible connection with each other.

Serena is a young girl raised in Rome by her affluent adoptive parents. She lives the life of a princess but cannot shake off the feeling that an important part of her identity seems to be missing –-- the truth about where she came from.

Bearing the same struggle is Tenten, an orphan suffering from the pain of his real parents’ rejection. The hardworking Tenten takes on different and odd jobs to help his adoptive family.

When Serena finds herself trapped by an arranged marriage meant to save her family’s fortune, she wanders off and travels to the Philippines, a country she is strangely drawn to, from stories told by her Filipina nanny. There, she meets Tenten under unexpected and awkward circumstances. Later, the two will discover a sense of belonging with each other and will find themselves exploring the greatest adventure of all –-- falling in love.

Character Guide

Enrique Gil as Simon Vicente "Tenten" Ibarra
An ordinary boy from Manila who was adopted by the orphanage’s cook. Already taking on unconventional jobs to help support his foster family, he is drawn to work as a male escort when his adoptive father suffers a stroke. A clumsy proposition leads him to meet Serena.

Liza Soberano as Serena "Sese" Marchesa
A beautiful and determined young girl raised by an elite Italian family. She longs for a simple life despite her well-heeled upbringing. Family pressure drives her to hie off to the Philippines in search of herself and her real parents. She finds romance along the way with the crude but kind-hearted Tenten.

Matteo Guidicelli as Giancarlo De Luca
A young Italian who is Serena's childhood and best friend. He is secretly in love with Serena and things take a spin when their parents, who are business partners, decide to unite them in marriage.

Cherie Gil as Luciana Marchesa
Serena’s adoptive mother. She is cold and unaffectionate to Serena because she can’t get over the fact that her Italian husband adopted Serena without her consent. When their family’s business is threatened, she sees in Serena a ticket out of their predicament.

Sunshine Cruz as Alice Urtola
Serena’s birth mother. She is separated from her husband and two daughters while working as a nurse in the fictional and war-torn country named Askovia.


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    Dolce Amore

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    Advocacy Drama on Alzheimer’s Disease Ends Strongly on PH TV

    Many were left in tears and even more wanted to send their ‘I love you’ messages to their moms. This was how Filipino viewers experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when Philippine top-rating afternoon drama “The Greatest Love” aired its finale last Friday (April 21), The ABS-CBN-produced drama affected many of its viewers as it told the unforgettable story of Gloria Alegre, played by award-winning veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez, who gave her all just to keep her family intact while suffering Alzheimer’s Disease. The finale episode scored 17.3% in national TV ratings compared to its rival in the afternoon block with only 11.2%. It was also a top trending topic on Twitter Philippines and elicited various praises netizens. “Full of life realization and lessons. It is indeed an unforgettable finale. One of the best teleserye of ABS-CBN. TGLTheUnforgettableFinale,” said Twitter user @PrinceMarkkiRN. “The best show in the last 5 years by any network. The performances, characterization, story. Never preachy.TGLTheUnforgettableFinale,” shared @pvquetulio. “This show made us realize that time is short. So, we better love our momma, the greatest person in our lives! TGLTheUnforgettableFinale,” tweeted @Lowrainss. For seven months, viewers religiously followed Gloria’s bravely battle with her sickness as she struggled to bring together her children Amanda (Dimples Romana), Paeng (Aaron Villaflor), Andrei (Matt Evans), and Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) and how they settled their differences so that they could take care of their mother, who little by little lost her memories of them. Viewers also followed how she fought to be with her one true love Peter (Nonie Buencamino). The struggles Gloria faced represented the strength that Filipino mothers have for their families, as she devoted her days to giving her family a better life. “The Greatest Love” is a first-of-its-kind on Philippine television as it used the narrative form to bring awareness to viewers on what Alzheimer’s disease is and what a patient with this condition is going through. It also opened the mind of viewers to the impact of the disease on the lives of families.

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