• And I Love You So: Trailer
    And I Love You So: Trailer
  • And I Love You So: Pilot Episode
    And I Love You So: Pilot Episode
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    And I Love You So: Middle Episode
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    And I Love You So: End Episode

And I Love You So


Julia Barretto, Miles Ocampo, Inigo Pascual, Dimples Romana, Tonton Gutierrez and Angel Aquino.

Strongest among male and female teens


Trixie and Joanna will find themselves pitted against each other in everything they want. Both are young, smart and beautiful --- but what Trixie had in money and material things, Joanna had in love and affection. Aside from being bitter rivals in school, they fall in love for the same guy, Justin.

Their lives change when Joanna's mother, Michelle, and Trixie's father, Alfonso, unexpectedly meet again. Turns out that Michelle was Alfonso’s first and true love. Trixie’s mother, Katrina, seduces Alfonso and forces him to marry her when she gets pregnant with Trixie. Unknown to Alfonso, Michelle is also pregnant with his child but chooses to stay away and be a single mother to their daughter, Joanna.

Now, after being separated from her for so long, Alfonso decides to marry Michelle despite Trixie’s disapproval. After all, it’s been years when Katrina abandoned him and Trixie without any explanation.

The rivalry between Trixie and Joanna intensifies and becomes more complicated when they are forced to live under one roof as half-sisters. Will being family end their animosity and drive them to become real sisters?

Just as Alfonso and Michelle rebuild their family, Katrina resurfaces. And now she is determined to win back everything Michelle took away from her: her wealth, her daughter and Alfonso.

Character Guide

Julia Barretto as Trixie
• only child of Katrina at Alfonso
• abandoned by her mother at a young age
• grew up looking for love and attention from her father

Miles Ocampo as Joanna
• grew up in a loving environment with her mom and uncle
• a secret about her identity will be revealed which will change her life

Inigo Pascual as Justin
• an internet sensation
• will become good friends with Trixie
• his love interest: Joanna

Kenzo Gutierrez
• childhood bestfriend of Trixie
• secretly in love with Trixie

Dimples Romana as Michelle
• Joanna's mother
• Alfonso's wife - his first and only true love
• will do eveything for her daughter's welfare

Angel Aquino as Katrina
• Trixie’s mother
• abandoned Alfonso and Trixie for years but when she returns, she will do everything to get her daughter and family back

Tonton Gutierrez as Alfonso
• Father of Joanna and Trixie


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