• Be My Lady: Trailer
    Be My Lady: Trailer
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    Be My Lady: Pilot Episode
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    Be My Lady: Middle Episode

Be My Lady


Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga, Al Tantay, Yayo Aguila, Yves Flores, Karen Reyes, Priscilla Mereilles and Janice de Belen

Strongest among male and female teens


Pinang is a simple barrio girl from the Philippines who dreams of working abroad.  Her lovelife has taken a back seat to providing a better life for her family.  Meanwhile, thousands of miles away is Phil, a Brazilian playboy living in Singapore, who has broken too many women’s hearts. Phil’s search for his nanny takes him to a fateful trip to the Philippines where he unexpectedly finds true love instead. When Pinang and Phil cross paths, a collision of cultures ensues – different languages, different backgrounds, and different perspectives.  One has conservative Filipino values while the other is as liberated as can be. An unlikely friendship blossoms between them and as they start to unpeel each other’s layers, secrets from the past are also revealed.  They soon realize that their lives are actually more entwined than they can imagine. In the end, will the language of love speak to their hearts?

Character Guide

Erich Gonzales as Filipina "Pinang" Crisostomo
Daniel Matsunaga as Philip "Phil" Oliviera
Janice de Belen as Marcela "Marcy" Crisostomo
Al Tantay as Emilio "Emil" Crisostomo
Yayo Aguila as Elsa

Yves Flores as Julian Crisostomo
Karen Dematera as Miguela
MJ Cayabyab as Narciso "Nars" Malvar
RK Bagatsing as Mackie Crisostomo
Karen Reyes as Rose


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