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    Nathaniel: Trailer
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    Nathaniel: Pilot Episode
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    Nathaniel: Middle Episode
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    Nathaniel: End Episode



Marco Antonio Masa, Shaina Magdayao, Gerald Anderson, Pokwang, Isabelle Daza, Sharlene San Pedro, Jairus Aquino, Benjie Paras, Leo Martinez, Baron Geisler and Coney Reyes

Strongest among male and female teens.


As a baby, Nathaniel dies in an accident, an event which triggers the separation of his parents, Paul and Rachel. Because he died with a pure soul, Nathaniel becomes an angel upon reaching heaven. When he turns seven years old, he is sent down to earth for a mission – to restore people’s faith in God, and to remind humankind of their inner goodness, which they may have already forgotten.

Nathaniel ends up being adopted by the Bartolome family where he learns the value of love and caring, despite their meager means. Along the way, he will be able to help many other people, including his real mother, Rachel, who is now a successful doctor but whose life is miserable since she lost her son.

Nathaniel’s mission is challenged by a community which has been enslaved by the pursuit of money. Ironically, he learns that none other than his real father, Paul, and his grandmother, AVL, are the ones to blame for spawning evil across town. Can Nathaniel force a change of heart among his own family? Will he be able to bring back the love lost between his real parents Paul and Rachel?

Character Guide

Marco Antonio Masa as Nathaniel M. Laxamana

Shaina Magdayao as Dra. Rachel Mercado-Laxamana

Gerald Anderson as Paul V. Laxamana

Coney Reyes as Angela "AVL" Villanueva-Laxamana

Pokwang as Elizabeth "Beth" Salvacion-Bartolome

Isabelle Daza as Mirriam "Atty. Martha Amante-Laxamana" Sandoval

Sharlene San Pedro as Hannah Bartolome / Mary V. Laxamana

Jairus Aquino as Joshua Casillas

Benjie Paras as PO3. Abner Bartolome

Jayson Gainza as Dimas Salvacion


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