• Pasion de Amor: Trailer
    Pasion de Amor: Trailer
  • Pasion de Amor: Pilot Episode
    Pasion de Amor: Pilot Episode
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    Pasion de Amor: Middle Episode
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    Pasion de Amor: End Episode

Pasion de Amor


Jake Cuenca, Ejay Falcon, Joseph Marco, Arci Munoz, Ellen Adarna, Coleen Garcia, Teresa Loyzaga and Ronaldo Valdez

Strongest among female and male adults (35+)


Juan, Oscar and Franco Samonte will do everything to provide a loving, comfortable life for their youngest and only sister Lyvia. When Lyvia is brutally raped and murdered, the brothers will stop at nothing to seek justice for her death.

They will infiltrate the household of the Elizondos, the family they suspect is responsible for what happened to Lyvia. There they will meet Gabriela, the powerful matriarch, and Norma, Sari and Jamie, her beautiful daughters who have unwittingly captured their interests.

The more the Samonte brothers spend time with the Eliozndos, the more they become sure of Gabriela’s guilt. But her daughters stand in the way, as they will protect their family and their mother no matter what. The brothers must think of a way to get closer to the truth. And the only way they find is to capture the hearts of Norma, Sari, and Jamie.

However, the closer they get to the sisters, the more they discover that the girls are also victims of circumstance. Further complicating their mission, they each slowly realize they are hopelessly falling in love with their respective targets.

As the battle against Gabriela Elizondo and her kin become more treacherous, the Samonte brothers’ struggle between truly finding happiness and pursuing their vow of vengeance grows stronger. Can they still seek justice knowing the truth will destroy the women they love? And will their bond as brothers crumble under the pressure of keeping up with their deceitful plan?

This Filipino adaptation of the world-renowned telenovela sizzles with the fervor of romance and retribution.

Character Guide

Jake Cuenca as Juan Samonte
Orphaned at a young age, Juan took it upon himself to raise his younger siblings the best way he can. There is nothing he won’t do for them. When his most precious younger sister is brutally raped and killed, he will stop at nothing to avenge her death. But will he ever find justice when the one he accuses of her death is also the woman he loves?

Joseph Marco as Franco Samonte
Burdened by guilt over his sister’s death, Franco has been seeking retribution as well as justice. His need to save everyone may cost him not only his heart, but also his relationship with his brothers when the girl he ends up wanting to save is a girl who must also pay the price for Lyvia’s death.

Ejay Falcon as Oscar Samonte
Like his Kuya Juan, Oscar will stop at nothing to avenge the death of their sister Lyvia. But unlike Juan, Oscar is willing to cross certain lines. Like playing with fire and making Sari fall in love. But he quickly realizes it’s not an easy plan. Because Sari is just like him. And she also knows how to play with fire.

Arci Muñoz as Norma Elizondo
Norma had a perfect life growing up. But Norma also has secrets. And these secrets make her untouchable. When she meets Juan, the enigmatic stranger who has come to their house with a mission, she finds herself opening up for the first time. But what if she finds out that Juan is an enemy of her family?

Ellen Adarna as Sari Elizondo
Sari is always striving to be like her Ate Norma. To prove herself worthy and to get the approval of her mother she is not afraid to do anything. Sari always gets what she wants. But what if the one she wants is the guy she can’t have? Because he is the guy everything her mother hates?

Coleen Garcia as Jamie Elizondo
Jamie has always been different from his sisters. They are all business-minded while she wants to be a doctor. This causes a strain on her relationship with her mother. But Jamie’s relationship with her family is further put to test when she falls in love with the brother of the girl who destroyed her family.

Teresa Loyzaga as Gabriela Elizondo
Gabriela vowed to herself that her daughters will never know the hardships she experienced growing up. And she will do everything in her power to ensure this—even if it meant eliminating all obstacles.


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