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Angel Locsin, Jake Roxas, Vivian Velez, Rico Blanco, Jomari Yllana, Niki Valdez, Jaime Fabregas, Francine Prieto, Johnny Revilla, Nina Dolino, Rocky Salumbides, Maricar Reyes and John Lloyd Cruz

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male teens (13-19)

Territories sold:

Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam


Hundreds of years ago, vampires arrived from a foreign land. Their malice quickly spread and the powerless humans became their prey. A powerful clan of wolves emerged from the shadows to become the humans’ protectors triggering the start of the war between the vampires and the wolves. The war seems endless but then a powerful seer is shown a prophecy that foretells the birth of the most powerful vampire and the strongest wolf who will be each other’s nemesis. The war will end with the triumph of one and the downfall of the other. With the stage set for an epic battle, two individuals, Mateo and Lia, find themselves drawn to each other, unsuspecting that as they grow closer, they are awakening the powers that are lying dormant in both of them – the same powers that will inevitably tear them apart. Immortal is a sequel to the hit fantasy series She-Wolf the Last Sentinel.

Character Guide

Mateo Rodriguez (John Lloyd Cruz) is determined to forget his painful and mysterious past, and succeed in the world of business where he is next in line to take over his adoptive mentor’s real estate empire. He is cold and ruthless in his ambition, making grown men quake in their feet. Only a lowly executive secretary, Lia Ortega, is able to crack his icy demeanor and disarm him with the strange connection he feels towards her. As their relationship becomes more complicated, strange things start happening to Mateo, urging him to seek answers about his mysterious identity.

Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin) daughter of a powerful wolf, Lia loses everything when her mother is branded a traitor by their kind. Now, bearing the mark of her mother’s shame and treated like a second class citizen, Lia is doing everything she can to clear her mother’s name and restore her standing in the powerful world of wolves. But things will get complicated when she meets Mateo Rodriguez, a high powered executive whom she feels strangely drawn to despite the shaky beginnings of their relationship.

Samantha Imperial (Maricar Reyes) a famous eventologist by day, Sam is a vampire who hides in the shadows of the night. All her life, she has only known one thing – the sacred mission that she must fulfill of leading the vampires out of the wolf’s iron rule. As she lays out her intricate plan for war, doubts start to set in when she meets Mateo Rodriguez who opens her world to human emotions she has always disdained and never understood.

Lucas Teodoro (Rico Blanco) the real son of Mateo’s adoptive mentor, Simon Teodoro, Lucas has long since given up on his father’s approval. Coasting through life, he enjoys his father’s wealth without the responsibilities, and is content for Mateo to fill the role that is supposed to be his by birthright. But everything changes when Lia Ortega enters their lives. Lucas realizes that she is the one thing he cannot let Mateo have.

Roman Rodriguez (Jomari Ylanna) a vampire who never gave in to his kind’s lust for human blood, Roman taught other vampires to drink animal blood and refuse to kill humans. Going against the beliefs of his creator, Magnus, Roman formed a community of peaceful vampires and wanted to push for peace among wolves and his kind. His attempt to talk to the wolves led to disaster, affecting many lives, including Mateo’s and Lia’s.

Lucile Zaragoza (Vivian Velez) current leader of the wolves, blames Lia’s mother, Lyka, for her husband’s death. She accused Lyka of conspiring with vampires that led to the deaths of many of their kind. She declared Lyka a traitor and the latter’s daughter, Lia, made to bear the punishment even after Lyka’s death. Now, Lucile rules the wolves with an iron hand, holding on to power no matter what and determined to take down anyone who dares to get in her way, especially if it turns out to be Lia – the daughter of the woman she loathes the most.

Magnus Imperial (Jake Roxas) an old and powerful vampire, Magnus wants a world where vampires live free from the terror of being hunted by the wolves. To attain this dream, he wants to win the war against both humans and wolves. His powerful weapon is his daughter, Samantha, whom he believes, based on a prophecy, will lead their kind to victory.

Abraham Villamor (Jaime Fabregas) is Lyka Ortega’s staunch defender even after the latter was declared a traitor by their kind. This loyalty has put his position in Lucile Zaragoza’s administration in jeopardy but despite this, he is determined to look after Lyka’s daughter, Lia, like his own and protect her from Lucile’s anger.

Simon Teodoro (Johnny Revilla) areal estate tycoon, Simon adopted Mateo from the streets and immediately saw the child’s potential. He has since then raised Mateo to be a brilliant and ruthless businessman, pushing the latter to help him bring his company to even greater heights no matter the personal cost.

Clarise Zaragoza (Nina Dolino) is Lucile’s spoiled socialite daughter. When Mateo Rodriguez rescues her after a fire breaks out at her birthday party, Clarisse immediately falls in love with him. But as she sets her eyes on Mateo, the latter seems to be more interested in Lia Ortega. Not wanting to be outdone by the girl she has hated from childhood, Clarisse will scheme and manipulate to get what she wants.


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