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    All of Me: Trailer
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    All of Me: Pilot
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    All of Me: Episode 2
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    All of Me: End Episode

All of Me


JM de Guzman, Yen Santos and Albert Martinez

Strongest among male and female adults.


The 50-year old Dr. Manuel Figueras is struggling to move on after he fails to save the life of his wife Diana. Doubting the worth of his profession, he retreats to an island and leaves his medical practice to his young protégé, Henry.

There in the island, he meets the 20-year old Lena, daughter of a fish vendor. Lena boldly challenges Manuel to embrace life anew. Despite their difference in age and stature, Manuel and Lena’s innocent friendship evolves into a heartfelt relationship.

After their wedding, Manuel and Lena choose to spend their honeymoon in the island where they first met. A tragic twist emerges when a hired killer tries to kill Manuel.

As Manuel evades death, he inadvertently stumbles upon a magical portal which leads to a pond that transforms him back to his youth. This is a dream come true for Manuel as he looks forward to more years with his beloved Lena. He must comply with one condition though --- to never reveal his young self to his wife.

He returns to the real world as a young man but seven years have passed, a consequence of his metamorphosis. Lena is now married to Henry and they have a son named Ivan.

Manuel must now make a bitter choice: to take back what is his and destroy what seems to be a happy family, or start again and forget about the woman who taught him how to live again.

Character Guide

Albert Martinez as adult Manuel Figueras

JM de Guzman as Edong / teenage Manual Figueras

Yen Santos as Lena

Aaron Villaflor as Henry

Ana Capri as Bebeng

Sue Ramirez as Kristel


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