• The Newbie - Trailer
    The Newbie - Trailer
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    The Newbie - Sample Episode 1
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    The Newbie - Sample Episode 2
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    The Newbie - Sample Episode 3

The Newbie


Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, Ella Cruz, Angel Aquino, Agot Isidro and Ariel Rivera

Strongest among male and female teens.


Drew just celebrated his fourteenth birthday, still awkward but excited to face the world as a young adult. But he gets the shock of his life when he gets one drink too many and gets a much older girl pregnant. And worse, after the girl gives birth, she leaves the baby to his care.

At an age when he is just supposed to be enjoying his independence andstarting to pursue his dreams. Drew ispushed to face life's harsh realities as he goes through the hardships of being a young and unprepared father.

Along with this, the quiet lives of the people close to him are also shaken. The scandal he triggered in his school and community cause hidden problems to surface among his family members.

While many believe he ison the verge of self-destruction at this point, Drew will prove that the experience will make him not only a responsible father, but a better person and a real man.

Character Guide

Nash Aguas as Drew Medina
A 14-year old high school student. He is a typical teenager who will be faced with the challenge of becoming a father at an age when other boys are still enjoying their youth. In the end, he becomes a better person and responsible father and son.

Alexa Ilacad as Camille Lorenzo
She is the Sylvia’s daughter and Drew’s bestfriend. An obedient and responsible daughter. A straight A student but constantly pressured by her mother to excel. Her parents are on the verge of separating and she opens up to Drew about this. She develops feelings for Drew but both of them decide to wait for the right time for them to have a relationship.

Ella Cruz as Vanessa Bueno
A beautiful and smart college student who becomes Drew’s crush. She breaks up with her boyfriend and Drew becomes her shoulder to cry on. Until something happened between them one fateful night and she became pregnant. After giving birth, she leaves her baby with Drew to take care of.

Angel Aquino as Raquel Alvarez-Medina
Raquel is Drew’s loving mother who wants to keep her family whole and happy. She is patient, caring and cool mother to her children.
Even if she did not finish her education, she is street smart and has an acumen for business.

Ariel Rivera as Gilbert Medina
Gilbert is Drew’s stepfather. He is a dutiful husband and a good provider. He is highly- principled and fights for what is right. He is also a disciplinarian which will be a source of conflict between him and Drew. This will change when Drew will have his own son. He will become Drew’s model to become a good and responsible father.

Agot Isidro as Sylvia Lorenzo
She’s the high school principal in Drew’s school where Gilbert also teaches. She is righteous and protective of her family’s image. She is also Gilbert’s former girlfriend who still loves him after all these years and could not accept the fact that Gilbert chose a simple woman who did not even finish her studies. Sylvia’s anger intensifies when she discovers her daughter, Camille, is developing feelings for Drew.


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