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    Waiting for Love - Trailer
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    Waiting for Love - Sample Episode 1
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    Waiting for Love - Sample Episode 2
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    Waiting for Love - Sample Episode 3

Waiting for Love
(Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita)


Vina Morales, Christian Vasquez, Denise Laurel, Loisa Andalio, Jane Oineza and Jerome Ponce

Strongest among male and female teens.


The story opens with Cecilia, who keeps the faith in her father despite his unexplained disappearance. Together with her mother, she leaves their home in the highlands for the unfriendly city to pursue the future that her father promised. But it will be a journey that leads her to discover her father's betrayal.

Cecilia then meets and falls in love with Leandro, a smart and charming college student. Leandro takes good care of her after her mother dies. Though times are tough, they try to build a happy and dignified life together with their two daughters, Corrine and Bea. Along comes Toni, a rich, sophisticated young woman who badly needs help in her studies and is tutored by Leandro.

Trouble begins when Toni and Leandro discovers shared interests and become intimate. Cecilia throws Leandro out of the house when she finds out about his affair with Toni. She raises her daughters alone, shutting off Leandro from their lives. Corrine, who has always been a daddy's girl, has a mind of her own. She reconnects with Leandro seven years later. Cecilia feels betrayed and throws Corrine out of their house, just like her father.

With only her youngest daughter, Bea, beside her. Cecilia startto live a life full of bitterness and resentment towards the people she had loved most. She pursues material wealth to hurt them all,especially after she learns that Corrine has opted tojoin Leandro and his mistress, Toni. Cecilia's vicious drive to succeed unconsciously makes life unbearable for Bea. After years of sacrificing her own happiness just to please her mother, Bea withdraws her loyalty and declares her independence.

Four women give all for love but will find hurt in the end. Will they be able to forgive themselves for the choices they made?

Character Guide

Vina Morales as Cecilia
- Her loving parents whose romantic meeting made her believe in the magic of love. But the magic was shattered when two of the most important people in her life – her father and her husband - betrayed her and her ideal family. Left to be a single mother, she runs a small eatery to raise her two daughters and give them a proper education which she truly values. Her daughters mean the world to her but she deals with them with tough love.

Christian Vasquez as Leandro
- Leandro was a campus heartthrob when he met Cecilia. Theirs was a young love that could withstand any weather and eventually strengthened by the arrival of their two daughters, Corrine and Bea. However, the bond proves it’s not strong enough when Leandro accidentally gets another woman pregnant and Cecilia could not find it in her heart to forgive him.

Jane Oineza as Corrine
Corrine grows believing that if only her mother forgives their father for his mistakes, they would still have a complete and happy family. Corrine finds a solution to this problem when she reconnects with her father who is now wealthy and living a luxurious life. This decision displeases her mother, Cecilia, creating greater conflicts between the two of them and among the people who matters to them.

Denise Laurel as Toni
Toni is the beautiful heiress to one of the most respected accounting firms in the country, whose efforts do not match her father’s expectations of her, flunking the accountancy board twice in a row. Things begin to change when she meets Leandro, the only person who has shown faith in her, making her feel confident and secure. With him around, she starts to bloom as a professional and as a woman.

Loisa Andalio as Bea
Cecilia’s younger daughter. Meek and obedient, she is the opposite of her older sister Corrine. She always acts and makes decisions based on her mother’s wishes, careful not to cause her any stress. Bea has a secret love for Joel, her childhood crush and now best friend.

Jerome Ponce as Ryan
Toni’s younger brother, rich, basketball star and charming campus crush. Almost all of life’s riches is served to him on a silver platter which makes him less passionate on his goals. He takes everything for granted and is playful when it comes to women. Until he meets Corrine, who soon poses big challenges for him.

Joshua Garcia as Joel
Corrine and Bea’s childhood playmate and the son of their parents’friends. He adds life and charm to the hard and demanding life to his sisters. He harbors a secret crush on Corrine even as a child. With the feelings growing even stronger, he tries to get help from Bea, who is secretly in love with him.

Aleck Bovic as Ching-ching
She is Cecilia’s best friend. Bubbly mother of Joel. A born fighter and an activist, she never runs out of opinion for any situation there is in the universe.

Christopher Roxas as Kanor
A sweet househusband to Ching and a great confidant to his best friend Leandro. He always has pure intentions when it comes to his family’s welfare but his means always fail him. Despite this, he has a very loving family.


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