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    Oh My G! - Trailer
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    Oh My G! - Sample Episode 1
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    Oh My G! - Sample Episode 2
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    Oh My G! - Final Episode

Oh My G!


Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel, Eric Quizon, Sunshine Cruz, John Arcilla, Edgar Allan de Guzman, Manolo Perdrosa and Janice de Belen.

Strongest among male and female teens.


Sophie's parents taught her the value of mercy, love for others and a life of prayer. But at the age of 10, Sophie got a bitter taste of real life when her mother died.

With a father who compensates for his absence by showering her material things. Sophie grows up as a proud teenager, attached to her gadgets and thinking she has everything.

At age 16, her sense of security is shaken when she loses her dad in a car accident. She questions God why He has taken away both her parents.

Sophie got her answer quick- as God himself starts connecting with her through social media. She continues to ignore God's signs, until she loses all her material possessions through her scheming uncle who was task to administer her wealth until she turns 18.

Lost, alone and penniless, Sophie calls to God and promises to obey anything He says. God then appears in human form and sends her on a mission. She is to find a woman named Anne Reyes, which was also her late father's request before he died.

God gives her clues in exchange for tasks often dealing with different teenage issues. Through these tasks and by fulfilling her mission, will Sophie be rewarded by getting back all that she has lost?

Character Guide

Janella Salvador as Sophie Cepeda
She is the only daughter of Paul and Tessa. She grows up to be the total “It Girl” who is an achiever, a talented writer/blogger and school leader. Like most teens, she is attached to social media and to her gadgets, believing that the world revolves around her. On her 16th birthday, she is faced with a life-changing event, and she is forced to rethink her life and her purpose.

Eric Quizon as Paul Cepeda
Paul is a wealthy and successful executive in a multinational bank. His success comes from his desire to provide Sophie with the things he did not have as a kid.

Janice de Belen as Rose Luna
Sophie’s elementary tutor, and at present, a Science teacher in the elementary department of Sophie’s school. She has a special relationship with Sophie, treating Sophie as her own daughter. She is also Gabby’s mom. Together, they help Sophie in her journey to self-discovery.

John Arcilla as Joe Luna
Daddy Joe is the husband of Mrs. Luna and Gabby’s father. He works as an OFW and consequently seldom goes home. It saddens him that he does not have a close relationship with his son due to circumstances. He wishes to have more time for his family.

Marlo Mortel as Gabby Luna
Gabby is Sophie’s childhood friend who excels in school, and helps his mom with their expenses as a working student.
Together with her Mom, Rose Luna, they help Sophie in her mission. He joins Sophie in her journey and provides support as they go through teenage issues.

Edgar Allan de Guzman as Vaughn Luna
Vaughn is Gabby’s elder brother. He works as a call center agent, but secretly dreams of being a doctor. When his father went to abroad to work as an OFW, he became the man of the house, a responsibility which Vaughn takes seriously.

John Stevenson de Guzman as JC Luna
The youngest of the Luna boys, JC is a smart and cute kid. He wishes of his brother Gabby ending up with Sophie, because he likes Sophie to be his elder sister.

Sunshine Cruz as Lucy Santiago
Lucy is Sophie’s aunt who grew up as a brat. Lucy has a tumultuous past, but finds a man who accepts her for all her faults. She vows to keep her family happy as this is her second chance at having a happy family life.

Dominique Ochoa as Santino Santiago
Santi is Lucy’s husband and Paul’s lawyer. He hails from the province of Davao, Philippines but moves to Manila with his family to start anew following a failed venture.

Kazel Kinouchi as Miley Santiago
Miley is the daughter of Lucy and Santi. She is an average teenager who goes with the trends like Sophie. She feels insecure because she is often compared with her mom. She gets irked that her cousin Sophie is always the center of attention.

Manolo Pedrosa as Harry Evangelista
Harry is Good-looking, athletic, and the campus crush. He comes from a wealthy but broken family. Harry turns to drinking, smoking, and partying as an outlet for his frustrations. At first, Harry and Sophie always clash with each other, but at the end, they’ll realize that somehow, they have the same situation which will make them closer with each other.


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