• Instant Dad: Trailer
    Instant Dad: Trailer
  • Instant Dad: Pilot Episode
    Instant Dad: Pilot Episode

Instant Dad
(Hawak Kamay)


Piolo Pascual, Zaijan Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, Andrea Brillantes, Nikki Gil and Iza Calzado

Strongest among male and female teens.


Gin is a failed musician who merely coasts along his directionless life, until he is faced by the unexpected. When his sister and her husband die in an accident, he becomes the guardian of three orphans that the childless couple adopted.

Emong, Dara and Ningning turn out to be a handful for Gin at first. But as different trials threaten to tear them apart, Gin becomes more determined to keep all of them together.

Closely watching Gin is tough Attorney Bianca, who is on the lookout if a reluctant and inexperienced guy like him can ever be a good parental figure to the three kids.

Things become more complicated when Gin’s former girlfriend returns home after working abroad. Gin has to cope between winning back the girl he loved the most and keeping his adoptive family intact. This, while managing his feelings now that he has grown closer to Bianca.

Character Guide

Piolo Pascual as Gin
- A failed musician; happy drunk
- Abandoned by his father at a young age
- Unprepared to have his own family
- The boyfriend of Me-Ann

Nikki Gil as Me-Ann
- The girlfriend of Gin
- The breadwinner of the family
- Wants to start a family with Gin outside the country

Iza Calzado as Atty. Bianca
- A stiff yet beautiful lawyer
- Has a fun-loving and spontaneous personality that will be discovered by Gin
- The elder sister of Lorrie

Andrea Brillantes as Lorrie
- Fun-loving and has a sense of humor
- The younger sister of Bianca
- Sees Bianca as her role model
- Well-adjusted despite growing up with a strict and controlling dad
- Loves Emong, Dara & Ningning

Zaijan Jaranilla as Emong
- One of the orphans adopted by Gin
- Lost his father to a ferry accident
- Is not fond of Gin

Xyriel Manabat as Dara 
- One of the orphans adopted by Gin
- Loves Gin
- Cheerful but is secretly insecure
- An eager beaver
- Quirky-looking

Yesha Camile as Ningning
-One of the orphans adopted by Gin
- Loves Gin
- Grew up in an orphanage
- Does not know who or where her real parents are


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