• Flordeliza - Trailer
    Flordeliza - Trailer
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    Flordeliza - Sample Episode 1
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    Flordeliza - Middle Episode
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    Flordeliza - Final Episode



Jolina Magdangal, Carlo Aquino, Desiree del Valle, Ashley Sarmiento, Red Bustamante and Marvin Agustin.

Strongest among male and female adults.


Young girls Flor and Liza are bound by more than their close friendship.

Flor's mother, Florida, mother father, Lt. Crisanto Maristela, while he was on assignment in their insurgent-ridden town. Florida falls for Crisanto but decides to move away when she learns he is married.

Unknown to Florida, Crisanto's marriage to Beth has been strained for the longest time and not even his love for their daughter Liza can save it. Thus, when he accidentally meets Florida again, he admits his true feelings to her. Crisanto and Florida have an affair and later have a daughter, Flor. It was the highest time for them, although Florida knows her place as against Crisanto's legal wife in Manila.

Things change when Crisanto is abducted by insurgents and suffers from post-traumatic stress after his rescue. Florida follows Crisanto to Manila and is unwittingly employed as a helper in Beth's household. Florida bonds closely with Beth and Liza. She is touched by Beth's kindness when she asks her to bring Flor to live with them, too.

Flor and Liza embrace each other like sisters. Liza is unaware that they have the same father and Flor keeps quiet to preserve their friendship.

Character Guide

Marvin Agustin as Capt. Crisanto Maristela
A captain who has a strained marriage with Elizabeth that not even their daughter Liza can save it. During one of his assignments, he met Ida, which led to an affair and bore a child, Liza.

Jolina Magdangal as Florida "Ida" Malubay
Ida falls in love with a soldier, Crisanto, during his assignment in her town. When she learns about Crisanto being married, she turns her back but their affair goes on and together, have their daughter, Liza. She accepts the fact that they are just the second family.

Desiree Del Valle as Elizabeth Perez-Maristela
Elizabeth is a kind-hearted wife who believes that her husband is loyal and honest to her. When Crisanto suffers post-traumatic stress after being abducted by insurgents, she gets the service of Ida not knowing that she is her husband’s mistress. She also agrees having Ida’s daughter, Flor, in the house so Ida can focus in taking care of Crisanto until the day Elizabeth learns the truth.

Ashley Sarmiento as Flor Maristela
Flor is a kind, and understanding daughter. During her father’s worst situation, she and her mother stayed in the house of Beth, her father’s legal wife, as house helpers. She will grow closer to Liza, her half-sister, But will never talk about the truth about their true relation.

Rhed Bustamante as Liza Maristela
Crisanto’s first child and the sister of Liza. She first thinks that Flor is just a friend who’s the daughter of their house helper. When she learns about the truth, she promises not to forgive Liza and this pushes her to make life difficult for Liza.


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