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    Tomorrow Belongs To Me - Trailer
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Tomorrow Belongs to Me
(Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon)


Bea Alonzo, Paulo Avelino, Maricar Reyes, Susan Roces, Anita Linda, Eddie Garcia, Dina Bonnevie, Tonton Gutierrez and Albert Martinez

Strongest among male adults (40+) and female adults (30-39)


Rose, heir to one of the country’s biggest chocolate manufacturers, is intelligent and wealthy but saddled by her lack of beauty and confidence. Along came Patrick, a poor but talented chocolatier, who sweeps her off her feet. She believes the handsome Patrick is the one great love she has been waiting for.

Unknown to Rose, her stepsister, Sasha, is orchestrating the entire thing in her desire to take over the family’s chocolate business. Sasha sent Patrick to court and distract Rose from work and put her out of the running as president of the company.

However, as Patrick got to know Rose, he sincerely falls in love with her and they marry despite the disapproval of Rose’s father.

Rose's life suddenly changes when her father is killed and she gets convicted for the crime. She hires the beautiful and brilliant Emmanuelle as her lawyer. Their personalities are a study in contrast but if one looks closely, Rose and Emanuelle have an apparent physical resemblance.

While in prison, Rose learns of the scheme hatched by Sasha and Patrick.

On the night that Emmanuelle tells Rose about key evidence that could set her free, they both get in a car which suddenly explodes. Rose wakes up in the hospital, badly burned and surrounded by Emmanuelle’s family. Everybody believes that she died in the explosion and that Emmanuelle is the one who survived.

Rose assumes Emmanuelle’s identity and sets out to regain the company that was taken from her and to seek justice for her father, Emmanuelle and herself. But more than anything, she vows revenge on the person who betrayed her the most- the love of her life, Patrick.

Will Rose's thirst for revenge overpower her true love for Patrick or will it be the other way around?

Character Guide

as Rose/Emmanuelle

Though blessed in terms of wealth and stature, Rose Buenavista is plain-looking, awkward and shy. At 25, she is primed to lead her father’s Buena Criollo chocolate empire, but is distressed by her search for that one great love. That is, until she meets Patrick, a talented and handsome chocolatier, whom she marries despite the objections of her father, Henry Buenavista.

Later, she is wrongfully accused of her father’s murder through the machinations of her stepsister Sasha who wants to take over Buena Criollo. She also painfully discovers that her husband was all part of the scheme as well.

After surviving an accident, she fakes her own death and resurfaces as her lawyer Emmanuelle to exact revenge on those who wronged her --- including the man she loves the most, Patrick.

Emmanuelle Romero is a beautiful and seasoned lawyer whose marriage to Leo is on the rocks because of her commitment to her chosen career. She is hired by Rose and she devotes herself to prove Rose’s innocence in her father’s murder.

Both women bonded easily and realize they have much in common. Apart from their slight physical resemblance, Emmanuelle’s family, like Rose, is also involved in the chocolate business. Emmanuelle’s grandmother was Henry Buenavista’s former business partner and her company, Prestige Chocolates, is now Buena Criollo’s stiffest competitor.

A fateful accident ends her life but Emmanuelle is resurrected in the woman she vowed to defend. After undergoing facial surgery, Rose looks exactly like her and takes on her identity to pursue the justice they both deserve.

as Leo Romero

He is the husband Emmanuelle and heads Prestige Chocolates, the company founded by Emmanuelle’s grandmother. He is a faithful husband and a good father but her wife’s devotion to her career has caused a dent to their marriage.

Things become confusing after the accident when Rose, in the person of Emmanuelle, tries to rebuild their relationship and becomes close to their son. When he finally unmasks Rose’s charade, he finds himself falling in love with the woman who is posing as his wife.

as Patrick Salvador

He is a handsome, highly ambitious and talented chocolatier who becomes Rose’s husband. At first, he was Sasha’s lover and pawn in eliminating Rose to gain control over Buena Criollo. However, as he got to know Rose, he discovers her innate beauty and develops genuine feelings for her.

When Rose is believed to have died after an accident, Patrick eventually marries Sasha. His life becomes complicated when he is seduced and enamored by the beautiful lawyer Emmanuelle Romero, who unknown to him, is actually his wife Rose.

as Sasha Bayle

She is the shrewd daughter of a former secretary who marries the wealthy chocolate tycoon Henry Buenavista. Her thirst for wealth and power pits her against Rose, the rightful heiress of Buena Criollo. She sends her lover Patrick to court Rose and distract her from taking over her father’s company. Her plan is foiled when Patrick falls for Rose for real.

Sasha finds a golden opportunity when Rose is accused of her father’s murder and more so, when Rose is supposedly killed in an accident. Her bid to take over Buena Criollo and reclaim Patrick’s love, however, reach a snag when Rose, posing as Emmanuelle, returns with a vengeance and makes her life hell.


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