• Annaliza Trailer
    Annaliza Trailer
  • Annaliza - Pilot Episode
    Annaliza - Pilot Episode
  • Annaliza - Middle Episode
    Annaliza - Middle Episode
  • Annaliza - Final Episode
    Annaliza - Final Episode



Andrea Brillantes, Zanjoe Marudo, Denise Laurel, Carlo Aquino, Kaye Abad, Kylene Alcantara, and Patrick Garcia

Strongest among male kids (2-12) and female adults (35+)


Stella is in a happy relationship with the young chef Lazaro, but she decides to stay away from him in fear of his well-off family branding her as an opportunist. Truth is, she is in dire financial straits so she sets up a date with a suitor who can help her financially. However, Lazaro mistakenly perceives she is peddling herself for money. Broken-hearted, homeless, and pregnant, she attempts suicide but is fortunately saved by the kind-hearted Guido.

Later, Lazaro marries his childhood friend Belle and they have a baby girl. Scorned, Stella connives to kidnap the child along with her suitor, Makoy. The heavens send the baby into the hands of Guido, who lovingly raises the child he names Annaliza, with love and affection.

By the time Annaliza turns into a young child, Guido marries the woman he saved from death, Stella. Annaliza suffers the wrath of Stella whenever Guido is not around. Inspite of this, she remains hopeful and optimistic, spreading kindness to those around her. Will she ever live happily and peacefully?
Will she ever be reunited with her real family?

Character Guide

Andrea Brillantes as Annaliza
• 9 year-old child
• The real daughter of Lazaro & Isabel
• The adopted daughter of Guido
• Obedient & loving daughter
• Has a positive outlook in life
• Has a talent in cooking

Denise Laurel as Isabel
• A Restopreneur
• Decent, sophisticated & educated
• Came from a prominent family
• The wife of Lazaro
• The real mother of Annaliza

Kaye Abad as Stella
• Business-minded
• Beautiful, ambitious, & street smart
• A fighter
• Grew up spoiled by her dad but was disowned by her family when she got pregnant

Sue Ramirez as Luisa
• The younger sister of Stella
• Obedient & street smart
• Boyish

Pinky Amador as Tessie
• Isabel’s mother
• Came from a rich family in Negros
• A divorcee
• The ex-wife of Conrad

Zanjoe Marudo as Guido
• Works at a fish port
• An abandoned child
• Raised by his mother
• Has a sense of humor
• Always chooses the right thing
• The adoptive father of Annaliza

Patrick Garcia as Lazaro
• A great chef
• He has always wanted to be the good son
• Tries to fill in the responsibility his dad was not able to fulfill
• The real father of Annaliza
• Fell in love with Stella & impregnated her

Carlo Aquino as Makoy
• A childhood friend of Guido
• Grew up on the streets
• Treats the mother of Guido as his own
• He is in love with Stella & will do everything for her

Khalil Ramos as Jeric
• The younger brother of Isabel
• Free spirited


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