• Dyesebel Trailer
    Dyesebel Trailer
  • Dyesebel - Pilot Episode
    Dyesebel - Pilot Episode
  • Dyesebel - Middle Episode
    Dyesebel - Middle Episode
  • Dyesebel - Final Episode
    Dyesebel - Final Episode



Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, Andi Eigenmann, Aiai delas Alas, Gabby Concepcion, Dawn Zulueta, Bangs Garcia, Gina Pareno and Eula Valdez

Strongest among male kids (2-12) and female adults (35+)


From the day she was born, Dyesebel would be different. She is the love child of Tino, prince of the merfolk, and Lucia, a beautiful barrio lass. Tragedy befalls her family and she grows up under the care of Banak, a mermaid who was her father’s confidante.

She is disowned by the sea kingdom and is forced to leave her foster mother when her human streak is discovered. This jumpstarts her adventure towards finding her real mother, Lucia, in the world of humans where mermaids are superstitiously associated with misfortune. A magical shell allows her to be transformed into human form.

Unexpectedly, she meets and falls in love with Fredo, a human being who is willing to fight for their love and who will help her search for Lucia.

Meanwhile, Dyanga, the evil queen of the sea, launches havoc in the world of humans as Dyesebel becomes a solid threat to her throne.

Dyesebel must now make an ultimate sacrifice to keep the peace between her two different worlds.

Character Guide

Anne Curtis Andi Eigenmann Bangs Garcia Eula Valdez

Gerald Anderson Sam Milby Gabby Concepcion Dawn Zulueta Aiai delas Alas


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