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    Tomorrow Can Wait Trailer
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    Tomorrow Can Wait Pilot Episode
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Tomorrow Can Wait
(Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin)


Gerald Anderson, Cristine Reyes, Rayver Cruz, Diana Zubiri, Tonton Gutierrez, Dina Bonnevie and Dawn Zulueta

Strongest among male adults (40+) and female adults (30-39)


Miguel’s life changes when he is accused as one of the suspects in a rape case.  Growing up trouble-prone and tormented, he carries the stigma of having his father convicted for allegedly killing a politician and eventually dying in prison. His devoted mother Zenaida is now married to Richard, a media man and ex-husband of Victoria, a congresswoman who used to be Zenaida’s best friend.  To get back at Zenaida, Victoria uses her political influence to further embroil Miguel in the rape case. Marcus, Richard’s son, is Miguel’s complete opposite, but Miguel gets the upper hand when it comes to his stepfather’s attention and to Amanda, the girl they both like.  He will be Miguel’s toughest adversary. Not wanting to end up like his father, Miguel will all to prove his innocence, with his beloved mother Zenaida at his side.  On his ultimate journey of seeking for justice, he coincidentally unravels a way to clear his father’s name and the truth behind the co-existence of their fates.

Character Guide

Gerald Anderson as Miguel Dizon
• The son of Zenaida and Martin Dizon
• Just like his dad, he is going to be convicted of a crime he believes he did not commit

Toton Gutierrez as Richard Ramirez
• The father of Marcus
• The stepfather of Miguel
• The ex-husband of Victoria who became Zenaida’s 2nd husband after her 1st husband Miguel passed away

Rayver Cruz as Marcus Ramirez
• The son of Victoria and Richard
• Sees Miguel as a competitor in winning Amanda’s heart and attention

Rey PJ Abellana as Jimmy Suarez
• The father of Amanda
• The lawyer of the Antonio family & the one who knows all their secrets

Dawn Zulueta as Zenaida Dizon
• The mother of Miguel
• The wife of Martin
• Will do anything to save his son, Miguel, from treading the same destiny his father, Martin had

Dina Bonnevie as Victoria Antonio
• The mother of Marcus
• The ex-wife of Richard
• Sees Zenaida as the reason for her broken marriage
• Will use all her political influence to prove Zenaida’s first husband, Miguel, guilty of the crime

Cristine Reyes as Amanda Suarez
• The daughter of Atty. Jimmy Suarez
• The love interest of Miguel
• Will do everything just to keep her family together

Diana Zubiri as Carla Melendez
• A promo girl at a bar
• She is the subject in the rape case Miguel is convicted of


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