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If Only
(Muling Buksan ang Puso)


Julia Montes, Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, Jane Oineza, Agot Isidro, Cherrie Gil, Dominic Ochoa, Jestoni Alarcon, Daniel Fernando, Pilar Pilapil, Dante Rivero and Susan Roces

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male teens (13-19)


An epic love story about three generations of love and betrayal, and how the sins of the past continue to haunt two families whose lives are destined to be intertwined.

Carissa’s rich adoptive mother, Adelina, was cheated on by her husband Bernardo, who fathered Marietta with another woman. Carissa and Marietta are the best of friends despite the rift between their parents. However, a falling out ensues when both fall in love with Nicolas, a handsome mysterious stranger.

Carissa becomes pregnant with Nicolas’ child. Feeling betrayed, Marietta sabotages their relationship then gets herself pregnant with the child of a man she doesn’t love.

When they give birth on the same day, Marietta discovers that her son is sick. She secretly switches her son with Carissa’s daughter, knowing that he will be better off with the rich family.

Marietta’s son Francis grows up in wealth as Carissa’s son, while Carissa’s daughter Sarah grows up in the slums as Marietta’s child. Life is tough for Sarah, but she finds comfort and strength in her older brother, Leonel, Marietta’s firstborn.

Sarah and Francis eventually fall in love and their families’ history of betrayal is pushed to the core. Leonel complicates the picture when his brotherly affection for Sarah turns romantic once her and Francis’ true identities are revealed.

Character Guide

Julia Montes as Sarah
• The real daughter of Carissa who was interchanged with Francis
• Brought up by Marietta
• Treated as the younger sister
of Leonel

Susan Roces as Adelina
• The adoptive mother of Carissa & the wife of Bernardo
• Brings up Carissa on her own when Bernardo leaves her for Elvira
• Runs a coconut plantation business
• A strong-willed woman

Pilar Pilapil as Elvira
• The mother of Marietta
• Had an affair with Bernardo
• Is not afraid of anything

Cherrie Girl as Marietta
• A close friend of Carissa
• The daughter of Elvira and Bernardo
• Was not able to finish high-school because of poverty
• The real mother of Leonel & Francis

Agot Isidro as Carissa
• The adopted daughter of Adelina
• Knows the sacrifices her mother endures just to give her a good life
• A close friend of Marietta
• The real mother of Sarah

Enrique Gil as Francis
• The real son of Marietta who was interchanged with Sarah
• Has a heart condition
• Grew up in America
• Will fall in love with Sarah

Enchong Dee as Leonel
• The first child of Marietta
• Sees Sarah as a younger sister but eventually falls in love with her

Dante Rivero as Bernardo
• The husband of Adelina
• Will leave Adelina for Elvira
• A coconut farmer
• The father of Marietta

Dominic Ochoa as Edmund
• Will eventually end up as Carissa’s husband & be a father to Francis after Nicolas leaves

Jestoni Alarcon as Nicolas
• The father of Sarah
• Left the province after wrongly being accused of theft
• Will have an affair with Carissa
• Will be imprisoned because of Adelina


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