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    Against All Odds Trailer
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    Against All Odds Pilot Episode
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    Against All Odds Finale Episode

Against All Odds
(Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala)


Judy Ann Santos, Sam Milby, KC Concepcion, Gretchen Barretto, John Estrada, Tirso Cruz III, Mylene Dizon, Susan Africa, Empress, Matet de Leon, Joseph Marco, Bryan Termulo, Amalia Fuentes and Coney Reyes

Strongest among female and male adults (35+)


Anessa, a simple girl, falls for Eros, a rich young man who turns her life into a nightmare. Anessa belatedly finds out that Eros has a violent streak sparked by his obsessive love for her.

Romulus and Helena, her in-laws, refuse to accept her as their son’s wife and favor Alexis, Eros' childhood best friend.

Anessa decides to escape Eros’ clutches, along with their child Emman. In the process, she discovers that Eros is part of an illegal diamond smuggling operation. A police agent, Alejo, takes her into custody as a witness against Eros.

Anessa and Emman are traced by Eros, and Anessa ends up being shot. Eros takes Emman to New York, and starts a new life with Alexis.

While presumed dead by her family and her in-laws, Anessa is actually alive. A kind doctor helps Anessa transform into an educated sophisticate, who will do everything to get the bittersweet taste of revenge against everyone who tried to bring her down.

Character Guide

Judy Ann Santos as Anessa Panaligan-Diomedes
• Hard-working
• Will do anything to support the family
• Relies on their small salt mining business to earn a living
• A strong believer of fairy tales and sees Eros as her prince charming

KC Concepcion as Alexis Ganzon
• The best friend of Eros
• In love with Eros ever since they were young
• Would do anything for Eros even to the point of pretending to be Anessa
• Woman of the world
• Well-educated

Connie Reyes as Helena Diomedes
• Loving and doting wife of Romulus
• In charge of the jewelry business
• Protective over her family

Mylene Dizon as Athena Apostol
• The wife of Alejo
• Resentful about her problems in life
• Had a miscarriage
• Is never contented with what she has
• Will give Anessa a hard time

Susan Africa as Demetria Panaligan
• The loving mother of Anessa & Leandros
• Happy-go-lucky
• Sensitive and is full of wisdom

Matet de Leon as Nancy
• Bestfriend of Anessa

Sam Milby as Eros Diomedes
• The son of Romulus & Helena
• Will fight for Anessa and marry her
• Ill-tempered and inconsiderate of others
• Very attractive to girls due to his good looks but wants to find a more meaningful relationship

Tirso Cruz III as Romulus Diomedes
• Father of Eros
• A retired military officer who now owns an illegal jewelry business
• Man of the house
• Does not approve of Eros’ and Anessa’s marriage

John Estrada as Alejo Apostol
• The husband of Athena
• Undercover agent assigned to protect Anessa
• Tough and wants to help others

Joseph Marco as Leandros Panaligan
• The only brother of Anessa
• Friendly, hard working, & family- oriented
• His dream is to give his family a better life
• Prioritizes his studies
• Will fall in love with Iris

Bryan Termulo as Victor
• Will fall in love with Iris and will be the rival of Leandros


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