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All for Love
(Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw)


Kris Aquino, Anne Curtis, Tirso Cruz III, Gloria Sevilla, Ian Veneracion, Smokey Manaloto, Emilio Garcia, Karla Estrada, Laureen Uy, Miles Ocampo, Marco Gumabao, Xyriel Manabat and Robin Padilla

Strongest among female and male adults (35+)


Ruth Manrique executes a “Kidnap Me” ploy to get her wealthy family’s attention, but her plan is foiled when Inspector Bogs Dagohoy rescues her. She later wins the heart of Bogs, only to break it later when she pursues her modeling dream overseas.

Unexpectedly, Bogs finds a new love in the person of Roxanne, Ruth’s older sister.
Her father disinherits Roxanne when she marries Bogs. Even without the Manrique family’s blessings, Bogs and Roxanne manage to have a simple yet blissful married life.

Fifteen years after, tragedy strikes when Roxanne is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With little time left in her hands, she decides to mend family ties and broken hearts,
including hers and Ruth’s.

As Roxanne’s physical condition worsens, she tries to bring Ruth and Bogs together --- knowing that they are each other’s one great love and to pave new beginnings for their families.

Character Guide

Kris Aquino as Roxanne Manrique
An obedient daughter and loving sister whose only desire in life is freedom and constant love. What if she finds everything she wished for in the same man that her sister loves? Will she be ready to sacrifice everything in the name of love?

Anne Curtis as Ruth Manrique
Dreams of becoming a famous fashion model and would do everything to prove herself to her family, even if it would mean leaving the man she loves. When she returns, what will she do when she finds out that the man she loves has already found love in another woman… her own sister? Will she fight and compete with her sister for the sake of getting back the man she loves?

Robin Padilla as Bogs Dagohoy
A courageous law enforcer in search of justice for his father who was accused of stealing. He will first fall in love with Ruth but will end up brokenhearted. He finally opens his heart for love but what happens if he will find love in Roxanne, the sister of Ruth and the daughter of his secret foe?

Tirso Cruz III as Rodrigo Manrique
The strict father of Red, Ruth and Roxanne. He would do everything to separate his daughters from Bogs. He holds the key to the truth that will free Bog’s father from wrongful accusations.

Ian Veneracion as Red Manrique
The insecure brother of Ruth and Roxanne who is striving to prove himself to his father. He ran away from responsibility from the past which has been haunting him.

Miles Ocampo as Precious Dagohoy
The eldest daughter of Bogs and Roxanne.

Xyriel Manabat at Cherish Dagohoy
The smart and youngest daughter of Bogs and Roxanne.

Gloria Sevilla as Ester Dagohoy
The loving mother of Bogs. For her, Roxanne is the right woman for her son.

Karla Estrada as Apple
The bestfriend of Roxanne—her shoulder to cry on when times are difficult.

Laureen Uyt as Esmi
The friend of Ruth who share the same dream of becoming a famous fashion model.

Marco Gumabao as Ian
The classmate of Precious who secretly likes her.

Smokey Manaloto as Pogi
The close friend of Bogs who is very cheerful and loves to joke around. He will fall in love with Apple.


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