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    Her Mother\'s Daughter Trailer
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    Her Mother\'s Daughter Pilot Episode
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Her Mothers Daughter
(Ina, Kapatid, Anak)


Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, Xian Lim, Enchong Dee, Janice de Belen, Ariel Rivera, Cherry Pie Picache, Pilar Pilapil, Eddie Gutierrez and Ronaldo Valdez

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)


This is a compelling story about family, love, power, rivalry and acceptance.

Celyn and Margaux grew up living opposite lives. Celyn was raised poor in a remote area in the province of Cebu while Margaux had the life of a princess as the heiress to the country’s biggest shoe company.

Not knowing that their lives are intertwined, Celyn and Margaux end up studying in the same university. Their shared interests make them the best of friends. However, when it is later revealed that Celyn is the long-lost daughter of Margaux’s adoptive parents, this becomes fuel for their rivalry.

For Celyn and Margaux, suddenly at stake are money, stature and love. And the bitter struggle is just beginning.

Character Guide

Kim Chiu as Celine Buenaventura
• The child of Julio and Beatrice
• Will consider Theresa as her real mother
• Intelligent and a fighter
• Gets accustomed to a hard life
• Strong and is not fearful of any life challenges
• Will meet Margaux in school and will get along with her very well

Maja Salvador as Margaux Marasigan
• The adopted child of Beatrice and Julio; the bond that keeps their relationship intact
• Will be brought up in a very comfortable life
• Has to deliver on the high expectations her parents has of her
• Heiress to a famous shoe business
• She has to live up to her family’s name—she feels that she has to earn her name since she is adopted

Enchong Dee as Ethan Castillo
• Will save Celyn from getting hit by a car—because of this she becomes infatuated with him
• A childhood friend of Margaux and Liam
• Will make Margaux fall in love with him
• Will become an outcast of high society when his father is sent to jail for swindling money
• To survive, he becomes a print ad model while trying to grow the business of his father before he got imprisoned
• Vows to prove himself to society so that the girl he loves will be proud of him

Xian Lim as Liam Lagdameo
• Grew up in a very comfortable life, enjoying the finest things in life
• Heir to their family-owned company
• Has feelings for Margaux but will give way for the sake of their friendship
• With his stature and good looks, he can get any woman he wants but he only has his eyes set on Margaux
• Will help Ethan’s family during their financial crisis

Pilar Pilapil as Yolanda Elizalde
• The mother of Beatrice with Lucas
• Also the mother of Theresa with Zacharias
• Came from a poor family but worked hard to make her life better—studied, dreamt and achieved her dreams
• Married to Zacharias but was annulled
• Married Lucas (her second husband)

Ronaldo Valdez as Zacharias Apolinario
• A poor shoemaker who was not able to finish his studies
• The first husband of Yolanda and the real dad of Theresa
• Helped Yolanda finish her studies which helped her accomplish her goals
• Low self-esteem; Became a drunkard
• Responsible for upbringing of Yolanda

Eddie Gutierrez as Lucas Elizalde
• The second husband of Yolanda and dad of Beatrice
• Comes from a rich family, smart and likes to plan everything (his formula for success)
• Classmate of Yolanda in the University and her go to guy whenever she had problems with Zacharias
• Gets what he wants, does not waste time

Janice de Belen as Beatrice Elizalde
• The real daughter of Lucas and Yolanda; The half sister of Theresa
• Married to Julio
• Her biggest frustration is her inability to bear a child.
• Considered surrogacy to solve her problem in the being of her sister, Theresa
• The real mother of Celyn

Ariel Rivera as Julio Marasigan
• The husband of Beatrice
• A close friend of Theresa
• The real father of Celyn

Cherry Pie Pichache as Teresa Apolinario
• The half sister of Beatrice and best friend
• Feels that she is not favored by her mother Yolanda, so she decided to go with her father Zacharias
• Secretly has feelings for Julio
• The surrogate mother of Celyn


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