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Princess and I


Kathryn Bernardo, Albert Martinez, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, Dominic Ochoa, Sharmaine Suarez, Nina Dolino and Gretchen Barretto

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male kids (2-12)


The royal family of King Anand, his wife Isabel and their daughter Areeyah rule a far away kingdom called Yangdon. They lived a very peaceful life until tragedy strikes and Isabel is found dead while Areeyah gets lost in the fray. This fateful event gives rise to a conflict between their family and a rival family led by Ashi Behati who aims to take away the throne from them.

Meanwhile, Areeyah, now called Mikay, is raised by a new family in Manila where she will be living a normal life, not knowing her real identity. Mikay finds love in two men, the princely Jao and the rebellious Gino.

Fate will bring her again to the place where she belongs, the Kingdom of Yangdon. Here, she will continue her journey to find the truth about herself and the true love of her life.

Character Guide

Kathryn Bernardo as Princess Areeyah / Mikay
• The daughter of King Anand and Queen Isabel
• Will be adopted by Dinoy

Albert Martinez as King Anand
• The King of Yangdon
• Married to Isabel
• The father of Areeyah

Gretchen Barretto as Ashi Behati
• The Duchess of the rival family
• Wants the throne to be passed to her son Jao

Enrique Gil as Dasho Jao Rinpoche
• The son of Ashi
• The tour guide that Mikay meets and gets attracted to in Yangdon
• Wants to experience life outside the walls of the palace before assuming the throne
• Will fall in love with Mikay

Daniel Padilla as Gino Dela Rosa
• The son of a consul
• Bully of the University
• Charming and proud
• Childhood bestfriend of Jao & will also fall for Mikay

Khalil Ramos as Kiko Salamat
• The best friend of Mikay
• Grows up in a sheltered environment
• One of the bottom-feeders together with Mikay in the social hierarchy in their University

Dominic Ochoa as Dinoy Maghirang
• The man who adopted Mikay
• Husband of Stella
• Father of Bianca and Dindi

Karen Timbol as Shiela Maghirang
• Mother of Bianca and Dindi
• Adoptive mother of Mikay
• Wfe of Dinoy

Precious Lara Quigaman as Queen Isabel
• The Queen of Yangdon, deceased
• Married to King Anand
• The mother of Areeyah/Mikay

Bianca Casado as Bianca Maghirang
• Daughter Stella and Dinoy
• Sister of Dindi
• Adoptive sister of Mikay

Sofia Andres as Dindi Maghirang
• Daughter of Stella and Dinoy
• Sister of Bianca
• Adoptive sister of Mikay


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