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    Without You: Trailer
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Without You
(Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo)


Shaina Magdayao, Jake Cuenca, Bangs Garcia, Ron Morales, Sandy Andolong, Ronnie Lazaro and Gloria Diaz

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male kids (2-12)


Paul and Sarah are childhood friends whose fathers both work as construction workers in the Middle East. When Sarah’s father accidentally dies in Saudi Arabia, Paul’s father is burdened by guilt and takes Sarah’s family as his own --- until he gets sick and dies. With both fathers gone, the relationship of the two families becomes strained, forcing Paul and Sarah to separate.

Destiny takes its course when the two meet again after 7 years, rekindling their love. Paul breaks off with his current girlfriend Mia and marries Sarah. To seek greener pastures in order to support his soon-to-be family, Paul flies to Qatar as an overseas worker. But this inevitably leads to the ultimate test of his love for his Sarah. All alone in Doha, Paul experiences the life where he knows no one and the pain of being disconnected to his family.

The distance between Sarah and Paul starts to fracture their relationship. Paul finds comfort in his old flame, Mia, who has moved from Dubai to Doha. The two reconnect and forge an unlikely friendship.

Left in the Philippines with Paul’s family who despises her, Sarah deals with the difficulty of being apart from her husband and the fateful death of their baby.

When Paul returns to the Philippines, Sarah tries to patch up things, but she struggles as Paul’s experience in Doha has hardened him. Paul realizes that the time that they spent away from each other has changed both of them and what he thought was destiny, he now views as a mistake. He asks for a separation, but Sarah vows to fight for their marriage no matter what. Things get more complicated when Mia asserts her love and leaves no stone unturned until she steals Paul away from Sarah.

Character Guide

Sarah Trinidad-Raymundo (Shaina Magdayao)
• Roman and Belen’s only daughter
• Idealistic, conservative, enjoys the simple things in life
• Grew up without a sibling so she treated Paul like a brother — they have been together since the day they were born
• She may look vulnerable but she is not helpless
• She is unafraid to correct things that she sees wrong
• She will fight for the people she loves
• Her family considers her as their strength
• She wants a better life for her family after her father died

Paul Raymundo (Jake Cuenca)
• Manny and Elvie’s eldest son. The eldest of three siblings.
• Realistic and streetsmart... he will do everything for his family
• Sensible, practical and firm
• He became the father figure of the family when his father died
• He puts his family’s needs first than his own
• Wants to be financially stable – this is what a good provider means to him
• Determined. He will not stop until he reaches his goals... even in love. When his masculinity is secured, he will do everything for the woman he loves
• He always stands by his decisions

Mia Pedroso (Bangs Garcia)
• Tends to rebel from her mother’s controlling ways
• When Paul was disconnected from Sarah, she filled the void and became Paul’s girlfriend
• Paul taught her to make her own decisions, to fight for what would make her happy
• Even though her mother is controlling, she would do anything for her family especially her ailing father
• Intensely loyal but could become possessive
• She may look harmless but she could be manipulative and scheming
• Full of perseverance—she will not stop until she gets what she wants however long it takes
• Romantic; but she won’t let her emotions blind her to the facts
• Uses her own weaknesses, conceits and jealousies to make herself stronger

Rino de Dios (Ron Morales)
• Sarah’s college friend and has been in love with her since they first met
• Used to be a bad boy in college but Sarah was the one who reformed him by becoming his friend
• An illegitimate child, all he wants is to have a normal, happy family
• Dependable, practical and devoted
• Helpful, asks nothing in return
• He never opens up to people but is the sounding board for other people’s problems
• He seldom judges—he simply gathers, absorbs and reflects
• Is not easy to win over but once you do, he is intensely loyal

Roman Trinidad (Philip Salvador)
• A loving husband and father to Belen and Sarah
• Finished a vocational course, but became a tricycle driver
• Has a positive outlook in life despite being financially challenged
• Does not have big dreams
• Will do anything to make Sarah’s dream come true even if it entails being away from the family
• Died while saving the life of his friend Manny

Belen Trinidad (Sandy Andolong)
• The mother of Sarah, wife of Roman
• Was not able to finish school and is a market seller
• Wants a simple life
• Will fight for her family especially for Sarah

Cito Manalac (Ronnie Lazaro)
• Will be a friend of Paul in Doha who has worked in Middle East for a long time
• Will guide Paul in his journey in a foreign land

Manny Raymundo (Christopher de Leon)
• The father of Paul, the husband of Elvie
• Wants to be able to provide the best for his family
• Came from a poor family and his biggest dream is to be able to be successful even when it entails having to sacrifice his time for his family
• Feels guilty about the death of Roman, which is why he treated his family as his own

Elvie Raymundo (Elvie Raymundo)
• The wife of Manny, mother of Paul
• Serves as the mother and father in their household while Manny works outside the country
• Easily judges other people
• A disciplinarian with her kids
• Does not only dream but makes her dream come true


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