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    Hearts On Fire Trailer
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Hearts on Fire
(Kahit Puso'y Masugatan)


Iza Calzado, Jake Cuenca, Andi Eigenmann, Jacklyn Jose, Malou de Guzman, DJ Durano, Jenny Miller and Gabby Concepcion

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)


Andrea and Veronica are close friends who were raised like sisters, but separated at a young age. Andrea was adopted by a poor family while Veronica was taken in by the rich Miguel and his son Rafael.

While growing up, Veronica develops feelings on Rafael, who, unknown to her, meets and falls in love with Andrea.

Andrea and Veronica's paths cross again as adults and are reunited. Andrea, who by now is in a relationship with Rafael, finds out about Veronica's secret desire for her boyfriend. Their love for one man threatens to destroy the close relationship they recently regained.

Acting like an older “sister”, Andrea eventually breaks off her relationship with Rafael to give way to Veronica’s feelings. Life takes an unexpected turn when Andrea ends up marrying Miguel, her ex-boyfriend’s father and adoptive father to Veronica.

Character Guide

Andrea San Jose (Iza Calzado)
• Simple, compassionate, selfless, caring and very down to earth
• Daughter of a policewoman who died in the hands of a syndicate
• Adopted by Ester who soon also adopts Veronica
• Treats Veronica as her real sister
• Very driven to find her lost sister/friend Veronica because she is the only family she has left
• Has an unyielding patience and is very loyal

Veronica Salvacion (Andi Eigenmann)
• Talkative, charming, emotional, selfish, insecure, and scheming
• Was adopted by Andrea's mom when her real mom left for the Middle East to work
• Grew up with Andrea
• Despite her wretched childhood, she grew up to be a beautiful and sophisticated girl
• She is street-smart and knows how to use her charms to get what she wants
• Has a secret crush on Rafael

Miguel de Guzman (Gabby Concepcion)
• Noble, patient, wise, and business savvy
• A self-made businessman
• A man of principles
• Lost the love of his life, his wife, to a heart disease
• Unable to deal with the loss, he sends his only child Rafael to the U.S. to study
• His life changes when he finds Veronica and adopts her
• All he wants is to have another chance at love

Rafael de Guzman (Jake Cuenca)
• Passionate, stubborn, independent and confident
• He grows up in the US with his maternal grandmother but keeps a good relationship with his father who remained in the Philippines
• A good looking man
• Feels that his father doesn’t care about him since his mother died
• Falls in love with Andrea
• His goal is to step out of his father’s shadow and to be able to build his own business

Ester Gerona-Espiritu (Jaclyn Jose)
• Empowered and practical
• The breadwinner of the family
• Adoptive mother of Andrea and Veronica

Madonna Toledo (Malou de Guzman)
• The half sister of Miguel
• Lives her life in service to Miguel. She sees this as her way of repaying the good his family has done for her
• Prayerful, fair and the voice of reason


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