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Be Careful with My Heart


Jodi Sta. Maria, Aiza Seguerra, Sylvia Sanchez, Vandolph Quizon, Tom Rodriguez, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia, Gloria Sevilla and Richard Yap

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male kids (2-12)


Maya is a simple girl who journeys to the big city to follow her dream of being a flight stewardess. To finance her education, she ends up working as a nanny for the handsome, wealthy widower Victor and his family. She develops a strong affinity with Victor’s youngest daughter who has a speech disability, but she needs work to on her rapport as far as the elder siblings are concerned and especially with Victor, who seems to watch her every move.

As she chases after her dream and tries to prove herself to her newfound family, Maya eventually falls in love with Victor and his kids. But what happens if Victor’s wife turns out to be alive, re-claiming her stake for the same family that Maya already considers as her own?

Character Guide

At 25, Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) is a simple, idealistic provincial girl who dreams of becoming a flight stewardess but in a twist of events ends up becoming a nanny for a wealthy family in Manila . She took the job in exchange of an educational scholarship from her boss, Richard Lim. She is very family-oriented and will do everything to make her family's life in the province comfortable. She has an innocent charm, yet confident, and has a very positive attitude in life.

Richard Lim (Richard Yap) is the owner and president of the famous Lim Aviation Services, an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul business. Known for being a cold, harsh and strict boss, he has one son and two daughters namely: Luke, Nikki and Abby. A widow of 5 years, losing his wife Alexandra to cancer, he hires Maya to take care of his youngest daughter after she rescues Abby from an incident at the airport. Maya endearingly calls him ''Sir Chief.''

When his mom died, Luke (Jerome Ponce)became the silent and rebellious eldest child. Aloof as he may seem, he cares for the welfare of his sisters but he tries to hide it if he can.

She is the middle child and the spitting-image of her mother. After the death of her mom, Nikki (Janella Salvador) tries to overcompensate for her loss and tries to take charge of her siblings. She always yearns for her father’s attention and she has taken a dislike for Maya, Abby's noisy, new nanny.

The youngest of the brood, Abby (Mutya Orquia) had difficulty expressing herself when her mother passed away. Richard has spoiled Abby and she has become overly sensitive when she hears fights and arguments in the family. The Lim's have hired a lot of nannies in the past and no one lasted even a week because of Abby's difficult ways. But when Maya saves her from an accident at the airport, Abby finds an instant ally in the simple girl from Mindoro.

Kute (Aiza Seguerra) (short for Kuya-Ate) is Maya's older sister and partner-in-crime. For years, Maya has been the keeper of Kute's secrets, including the identity of her son Cho's father. Now, it's her turn to keep Maya's secret of not working abroad after getting duped by an illegal recruiter.

Teresita (Slyvia Sanchez) is the very protective mother of Kute and Maya. She is always on the look out for her children specially because they grew up without a father. Maya keeps the truth about her employment a secret from Teresita knowing her mother will be worrying about her condition in Manila.

Mamang dela Rosa (Divina Valencia) Maya's grandmother, who is frank and speaks whatever is on her mind. She is a big help with the family's souvenir business but has a bit of difficulty hearing. She also looks after the welfare of her grandchildren and great-grandchild.


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