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(My Binondo Girl)


Kim Chiu, Jolo Revilla, Xian Lim, Matteo Guidicelli, Aiai delas Alas, Richard Yap, Cherrie Pie Picache, Laureen Uy, Ricardo Cepeda, Glydel Mercado, Marina Benipayo, Maja Salvador and Gina Pareno

Strongest among Female Adults (35+) and Male Adults (20-34)


Jade is a story about the adventures of a young girl who gives up her dreams, even her identity, to be accepted and loved by his father. Jade’s father, a Chinese businessman, has always expressed his preference of having a son rather than a daughter. Because of Jade’s desire to be loved and accepted by her father, she pretends to be her brother Yuan. It was not easy for Jade to  juggle life as a girl and life as her father’s son. Andy, his father’s business partner, is tasked to teach Yuan the ropes of the business. In Jade’s search for her father’s affection, she gets caught in the thrilling new territory of romance and finds a different kind of love instead in Andy.

Character Guide

Kim Chiu as Jade/Yuan Dimaguiba-Sy
• Loving, generous and kind
• Grew up in a house full of love and care
• She is the source of hope and inspiration of the people around her
• The daughter of Chen Sy & Zheny Dimaguiba
• Will pretend to be her deceased brother “Yuan” to gain her father's love

Jolo Revilla as Onyx Dimalinta
• Good with words and funny
• A natural charmer
• Everyone forgets about their problems when Onyx says a joke
• Jade's childhood friend, longs to earn Jade's heart
• Protects Jade as if she was his real sister

Xian Lim as Andy Wu
• Son of Edison Wu, Trevor's older halfbrother
• Intelligent, graduated in America, fears to disappoint his father
• Pressured by his dad who wants him to be perfect
• At a young age, he is already involved in business
• Good with piano—serves as an outlet when he is sad
• In love with Jade; Marries Jade to help her get back the stocks his father took, but knows that his feelings towards Jade never went away

Matteo Guidicelli as Trevor Go
• Andy's younger half-brother
• Was in love with Jade but later on falls in love with Amethyst
• Treated nicely by Mr. Sy though he is not his real son
• Not interested in business
• His only interests are parties, cars, and girls

Aiai delas Alas as Zheny Dimaguiba
• Loving mother of Jade
• She will do everything for her family
• She provides for her mother Amor
• Dreams of being rich but never resented being poor
• Family is her first priority

Richard Yap as Chen Sy
• CEO of ChenJean
• Husband of Zheny
• Ex-Husband of Jean
• Father of Jade, Yuan, Chen Sy II, and Amethyst

Cherrie Pie Picache as Jean Dimasupil Sy
• Ex-Wife of Chen and Amethyst's mother
• Resents her being poor
• All she wants is to be rich, in any possible way
• Intelligent and she will use this to reach her goal
• Focuses on herself first before others

Laureen Uy as Amethyst Sy
• Chen's daughter with Jean
• In love with Trevor
• Dumb blond type: all party and beauty
• Good at painting and designing clothes

Gina Pareno as Amor Dimaguiba
• The loving mother of Zheny
• A very strong and courageous woman
• Lost her husband at an early age so she brought up Zheny by herself—Zheny is her life
• Proud of how her daughter has become and will help her raise Jade

Ricardo Cepeda as Edison Wu
• Pure Chinese; Born poor
• Was not able to get a decent education because he helped his father in farming at a very early age
• Was a streetfood vendor in Beijing before being a successful businessman
• Father of Andy and Trevor
• Business partner of Chen Sy

Glydel Mercado as Ningning Mercado
• Trevor's mother
• Second wife of Edison

Merina Benipayo as Wenchu Wu
• Andy's mother
• Wants Jade for her son Andy and only wants what is best for him


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