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My Eternal
(Walang Hanggan)


Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Helen Gamboa, Rita Avila, Joel Torre, Paulo Avelino, Melissa Ricks, Joem Bascon and Susan Roces

Strongest among female and male adults (35+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Cambodia, Romania, Vietnam


Daniel and Katerina are star-crossed lovers trapped in a world of greed and betrayal.

Daniel’s father is Marco, heir to the Montenegros’ vast winery, who fathers a child with their worker’s daughter Emily. Marco’s condescending mother, Margaret, plots to have the infant Daniel put up for adoption and makes Emily believe her baby is dead.

Daniel grows up as a poor worker in the vineyard beside the Montenegros --- not knowing his real identity. Here he finds a pure and eternal kind of love in Katerina, sister of his ruthless employer Tomas.

Through Tomas’ evil machinations, Katerina is made to believe that Daniel has died and she eventually marries Nathan, Marco’s legitimate son. Meanwhile, Daniel crosses paths with Emily, now rich and successful, who grooms him to bring down the Montenegro empire.

Daniel unknowingly becomes his mother’s pawn towards his real father’s downfall. And Katerina, the woman he loves, may well serve as collateral damage in the crossfire against his own family.

Character Guide

Helen Gamboa as Margaret Cruz Montenegro
• Grew up poor and deprived that’s why she becomes ambitious and driven
• Smart, aggressive and diligent—she is responsible for the success of her husband’s business
• A perfectionist, she takes control of everything – even the lives of her son & grandchildren
• Sister of Virginia
• Disapproves of the love affair of Marco & Emily

Susan Roces as Virginia Cruz
• Orphan and the eldest sister in the family so she takes care of her sister Margaret
• Stops schooling to work and send her sister to school
• Generous, self-sacrificing and benevolent
• Willing to sacrifice everything – even her true love – just to make her sister happy
• Sister of Margaret
• Will be the adoptive parent of Daniel

Richard Gomez as Marco Montenegro
• The only son of Joseph & Margaret
• Expected to run the family business
• Confident and assertive because he knows he excels in sports, business, or whatever field he delves into
• Used to be a womanizer but falls deeply in love with Emily
• Marries the woman he does not love

Dawn Zulueta as Emily Cardenas
• The daughter of one of the workers of the Montenegros
• A loving and kind daughter
• Born from a humble family
• Her only dream is to finish her studies so she can provide for her family
• Will fall in love with Marco, gives him everything, but feels betrayed when she learns from Marco’s mother that he doesn’t love her
• The true love of Marco

Rita Avila as Jane Montenegro
• The daughter of bank owners
• Well-educated, refined and intelligent
• When she falls in love with Marco, she accepts him for who he is, even if she knows he does not love her enough
• A devoted mother and wife, her family becomes her priority
• The mother of Nathaniel and Johanna

Joel Torre as William Alcantara
• When he bought the farm beside the Montenegros, he and Marco became close and their families became friends
• An honest and sincere leader
• Well-loved by his people because of his innate compassion for the workers
• Father of Leo and Katerina

Coco Martin as Daniel
• Son of Marco and Emily
• An orphan
• Grew up with his adoptive grandmother, Lola Virginia together with William
• Will be close to William as he could see his deceased son in Daniel
• Although he is fiery, streetsmart and unyielding, his grandmother instilled good values in him so he grows up with principle and high regards for women
• When he falls in love with Katerina, he loves her more than his life and he is willing to sacrifice everything for her

Julia Montes as Katerina Alcantara
• Grew up believing that she’s a princess and one day her prince will come
• A hopeless romantic
• Believes in happy endings and true love
• When she falls in love with Daniel, she vows that she will love him forever
• Daughter of William and the sister of Leo
• Close friend of Nathaniel

Paulo Avelino as Nathaniel Montenegro
• The youngest child of Marco and Jane
• Polished and refined, he grows up as an obedient and ideal son
• When he meets Katerina, he is drawn to her because he feels Katerina needs a knight in shining armor
• Wants to be Katerina’s protector because whenever he is with her, he feels needed
• Respectful and a gentleman
• When angered, he has a brooding temper

Melissa Ricks as Johanna Montenegro
• The eldest child of Marco and Jane
• Closer to her grandmother because she looks up to Margaret
• Sophisticated, liberated and a spoiled brat
• Her life changes when she meets and falls in love with Daniel

Joem Bascon as Tomas Alcantara
• The eldest son of William
• Arrogant, abrasive and rebellious
• Domineering and demanding especially to his youngest sister, Katerina
• A risk-taker
• Addicted to gambling


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