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    The Promise: Trailer
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The Promise
(Pangako sa'Yo)


Jericho Rosales, Kristine Hermosa, Jean Garcia, Tonton Gutierrez, Ina Raymundo, Jestoni Alarcon, Liza Lorena, Vanessa del Bianco, Luis Alandy, Dianne dela Fuente and Eula Valdez

Strongest among male and female adults (35+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Cambodia, Kenya, Indonesia, Mauritius, Zambia, Singapore, Namibia, Cambodia, Tanzania, China, Nigeria, Uganda


Yna’s life is foretold at the expense of her own mother’s tragic fate. While working as a servant in the Buenavista household, Yna’s mother Amor finds herself falling in love with Dona Benita’s son, Eduardo. As their illicit love affair is unveiled, Amor is forced to leave the Hacienda for good – vowing revenge on her cruel oppressors and the man who broke her heart. Caught unawares of the grave result of his affair with Amor, Eduardo marries Claudia, an ambitious woman who comes from an equally prominent family. After giving birth to Eduardo’s child, Amor leaves her daughter Yna, as she prepares for a much- anticipated confrontation with her unsuspecting enemies.

Yna is raised by this kindhearted foster family knowing her mother’s tale of pains, struggles and betrayal. But another tragic twist of fate unwittingly leads her back to the lands of her roots, into the hands of the now influential Buenavistas. For as Eduardo’s wayward son Angelo takes full control on their hacienda. Yna falls victim to the same, painful ordeal that her mother once suffered- by falling in love with the child of her most influential foe. But within the confines of the Buenavista household lie the key to unraveling the grave secrets and long- forgotten memories that continue to plague Yna’s life. And as the young lovers are forced to confront the endless trials and hardships of keeping a love that knows no boundaries Yna is soon to compel to learn the devastating truth behind her unknown past and the mother she never knew.

Character Guide

Angelo (Jericho Rosales) – Equally rebellious as his father Eduardo before him, a carefree Angelo struggles to fulfill his responsibility as the heir to the Buenavista’s vast empire. History continues to repeat itself however, as Angelo falls in love with the family’s househelp in the form of Yna—unaware of the ties that secretly bind them together within his troublesome home.

Yna (Kristine Hermosa) – Orphaned as a young child, Yna unwittingly grows up and slowly sinks into the same, cruel world of the Buenavistas by falling in love with Angelo, much to Claudia’s utter shock and dismay. While she remains hopeful to find her long-lost mother in the town of Puntaverde, unknown to her, their reunion draws closer than ever as she finds herself working for the prestigious Powers company, whose owner turns out to none other than Amor herself.

Amor (Eula Valdez) – In the wake of her doomed affair with Eduardo, Amor is forced to leave the Buenavista household and vow vengeance on their entire family—who remains unaware that she is carrying his unborn child, Yna. Fate’s cruel hands lead Amor to suffer through one painful tragedy after another, eventually taking away the sole reminder of her troubled past as well. But as Amor gains power and wealth beyond anything that the Buenavistas ever dreamed of, she eventually returns to the town of Puntaverde in search for her long-lost child—and exact revenge on her old and newfound enemies once and for all.

Claudia (Jean Garcia) – Forced into a loveless marriage to maintain the power and prestige of the Buenavista clan, Claudia gradually succumbs to greed and corruption as wel —forcing her husband Eduardo to delve into the world of politics through her underhanded ways. Unknown to them, Claudia carries a lot of grave secrets of her own as she struggles to keep her family from falling apart at Amor’s imminent return to Eduardo’s life.

Eduardo (Tonton Gutierez) – As Benita’s favored yet rebellious son, Eduardo struggles to keep up to his mother’s high expectations – especially when he finds himself completely enamored with Amor. But as greed and corruption took their toll on the entire Buenavista clan, Eduardo becomes an equally hapless victim of treachery and betrayal, left unaware of his lover’s true ordeals in the hands of the family he once knew.

Diego (Jestoni Alarcon) – The Buenavistas’ youngest child and constant aid to Benita’s every whim and demand. Diego spends most of his life living in the shadows of Eduardo until one fateful night changed it all. While Diego holds the devastating secret behind Amor’s alleged betrayal towards his brother, he continues desperately to win his mother’s respect and affection—even if it means destroying his brother’s relationship with the rest of the family at all costs.

Dona Benita Buenavista (Liza Lorena) – the cruel and heartless matriarch of the Buenavista family. Upon discovering her first-born son’s illicit affair with their housemaid Amor and Buenavista empire suddenly on the brink of ruin, Benita begins a lifelong battle of guilt, betrayal and deception—as she sets her own children up to keep the clan’s prestige and power within the town of Puntaverde all for themselves.


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