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    It Might Be You: Trailer
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    It Might Be You: Pilot Episode
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It Might Be You


John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, John Pratts, Maja Salvador, Maritoni Fernandez, Jean Garcia, Gardo Verzosa, Bodjie Pascua, Sarsi Emmanuel, Marco Alcatraz and Tirso Cruz III

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Cambodia, Kenya, Romania, Zambia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Nigeria, Uganda


In a small town of Montegracia, politics is in disarray, but amidst the stifling competition for power, a special friendship blossoms between the mayor’s son Lawrence Trinidad and an impoverished orphan Cielo San Carlos.

Though diverse in social backgrounds, this pair of free spirits proves that anyone can be bound in friendship. But their friendship grows into an unlikely romance; Lawrence and Cielo realize that love is not all roses and moonlight, especially when they discover harrowing realities about their families and a dark past. As they take each other’s hands in a journey through their complex lives, Lawrence and Cielo hold fast their promise of incessant love though in their hearts lays the uncertainty of their destiny.

Character Guide

Lawrence Trinidad (John Lloyd Cruz) – As the mayor’s son, Lawrence’s destiny has been laid out before him by everyone and this is to take over his father’s post someday. He struggles to meet all lofty expectations of him, particularly by his mother. These ambitions, however, obstructs the possibility of Lawrence finding joy in the simple pleasures of being with Cielo.

Cielo San Carlos (Bea Alonzo) – From an orphanage to two sets of adoptive parents, Cielo’s childhood is exceptionally difficult. Despite this, Cielo remains brave, sensible, and essentially good. Though she suffers because of poverty and a desire to know her roots, Cielo finds comfort in Lawrence loving arms.

Ernesto Trinidad (Tirso Cruz III) – The mayor of Montegracia. Ernesto is inherently good but Frida’s constant prodding and the grueling demands of the local office drive him to the edge. He may be the most powerful man in Montegracia, but deep inside, he is a broken-hearted fellow married to the best friend (and later a foe) of the woman he loves.

Frida Montegracia-Trinidad (Maritoni Fernandez) – Her family practically owns the town of Montegracia, making her accustomed to supremacy. Her covetous nature turns her into an intolerable shrew: she steals her best friend’s man and baby and later, she grabs her son Lawrence from Cielo.

Orlanda Mae Lacuesta (Jean Garcia) – after losing Ernesto and their baby, Orlanda takes a long sojourn away from Montegracia. She comes back as a witless bagwoman who befriends Lawrence and Cielo. Has she truly lost her mind out of trauma or is she back in Montegracia to exact revenge on Frida?

Camilo San Carlos (Gardo Versoza) – His return to Montegracia is for the obvious purpose of destroying Ernesto. Though he first wrecks the mayor’s career, Camilo’s motives were not purely political. He despises Ernesto for he loves the same woman in the latter’s heart.

Eseng San Carlos (Bodjie Pascua) – His loyalty to his best friend, Ernesto, makes him the object of scorn of his own brother, Camilo. Though indigent all his life, Eseng was the most noble in his circle as he is a devoted friend, a faithful husband, and a loving father.

Lupe San Carlos (Sarsi Emmanuel) – The Guadalupe Theater was named after her. Frustrated at her defunct movie career, Lupe was first cold towards Eseng and Cielo. But when her good character prevails, she becomes her family’s protector from Frida’s abuses.

Gian Carlo Pablo (John Pratts) – The son of the Trinidads’ driver, Gian is warmly embraced by Ernesto and Lawrence as part of the family. He is constantly torn between his loyalty to Ernesto and his gratitude to the cunning Frida.

Axel (Marco Alcaraz) – From a high-school bad boy, Axel turns into a love-struck suitor because of Cielo. In spite of Cielo’s unwavering affection for Lawrence, Axel amazes Cielo with his unselfish sacrifices and dogged devotion.


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