Till Death Do Us Part


    Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo, John Lapuz, Asia Agcoaili and Dominic Ochoa

    Strongest among male and female adults (30-39)

    Territories sold:



    Make-up artist Ysabel is a runaway bride to a doctor, Drew. While in the process of recovering, Ysabel bumps into a hunk embalmer Manuel.

    At first sight they admired each other’s hearts. Both coming from a break-up, Ysabel and Manuel found their way to an exciting courtship. But, as Manuel ex-girlfriend, Roxanne, starts making a mess of Ysabel’s life, suddenly she finds herself at the center of a very odd love triangle with the dependable Drew on the one side and her great love Manuel on the other.

    Despite all the odds, will Ysabel go safe with Drew? Or will she exchange “I do’s” in ‘Till Death Do Us Part with Manuel?

    Tickle your bones and your heart as we invite you to witness this exciting romantic comedy series!

    Character Guide

    Ysabel (Kristine Hermosa) – a beautiful makeup artist, Ysabel knows what she wants in life, and this clear perspective is the reason why she is engaged to a remarkable gentleman/young doctor. Her life drastically changes when she meets Manuel, to the point of being unable to recognize her own self.

    Manuel (Diether Ocampo) – handsome and audacious, Manuel’s arrival in Ysabel’s life threatens their peaceful associations with everyone especially that his passionate nature drives him to pursue Ysabel though he himself is engaged to be married.

    Drew (Dominic Ochoa) – Ysabel’s fiancé who proves himself worthy of her love for he is respectable and devoted. In spite of Ysabel’s painful change of heart, Drew accepts his fate with grace. However, his blind devotion to his runaway bride makes susceptible to another major heartbreak.

    Roxanne (Asia Agcoaili) – Unlike Drew, Roxanne goes berserk after Manuel’s decision to cancel the wedding and to break up with her. She goes through pathetic lengths just to get Manuel back, and she succeeds in making it difficult for Manuel to sustain an amicable relationship with Ysabel.

    Conching – Ysabel’s grandmother who acts as her surrogate mother. Conching only wishes to see Ysabel secure and happy in life. However, her obsessive favor on Drew shuts her mind from any possibility of Ysabel finding happiness in the arms of Manuel.

    Damian – Ysabel’s grandfather and confidant. Although he loves his wife Conching, Damian believes in the magic of love and destiny and in the fact that it was fate that led Ysabel to Manuel.

    Darling – Manuel’s younger sister. Darling is always supportive of her brother’s decision and this includes his relationship with Ysabel. Nevertheless, her loyalty to her brother and Ysabel gets her into trouble with Roxanne.

    Dash (John Lapus) – Ysabel’s colleague and best friend. Amidst the rollercoaster of emotions and tension in the life of Ysabel, Dash manages to remain in good humor. He is also one of Ysabel’s sources of comfort in her times of distress.

    Marvin – Manuel’s father. He often doubts Manuel’s actions, convinced that his son is reckless and irresponsible. He realizes too late that he himself has fallen short in his responsibilities as a parent.

    Preciosa – Marvin’s wife and Manuel’s stepmother. She loathes Manuel for being her husband’s son by another woman. She uses Marvin’s death as an opportunity to make life miserable for Manuel and Darling.

    Marvin Junior – Manuel’s half-brother. Although Marvin Junior has no interest in running their funeral services business, his father bequeaths this to him, much to Manuel’s dismay.

    Lulu – Conching’s sister. Lulu is a good cook and an old maid who had lived with Conching and Damian almost all her life.

    Allan – the apple of Darling’s eyes. Darling’s interest in him makes her an easy target to the cunning Roxanne.


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