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    Stolen Moments: Trailer
  • Stolen Moments: Pilot Episode
    Stolen Moments: Pilot Episode
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    Stolen Moments: Middle Episode
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    Stolen Moments: End Episode

Stolen Moments


Kris Aquino, John Estrada, Heart Evangelista, Geoff Eigenman, Anne Curtis and Dina Bonnevie

Strongest among male kids (2-12) and female adults (30-39)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Romania, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Zambia, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, Fiji Islands, Uganda, Myanmar


A story of friendship challenged to prove that in the midst of a chaotic and doubting world, the power of real love and loyalty will still prevail. Diana is a downhearted and self-sacrificing woman who is ready to give up her own happiness for the sake of friendship. She is in search of unconditional love that can save her from life’s miseries. Driven by ambition and hate, Sofia, on the other hand, is enslaved by her past, a dark shadow hinders her to find true happiness in the arms of the man she loves. As their pasts continue to haunt them, they share a future tainted with conflict and rivalry struggling for the love of one man. This rivalry continues to the next generation. Margaret and Stephanie, bestfriends bound by loyalty and trust. Their Friendship will be put to test as one man comes between them. A journey through time, these women will find themselves entangled in a web of deceit, power and betrayal. Their only salvation is their friendship and love for one another.

Character Guide

Diana Benipayo (Kris Aquino) - Even with the haunted past of being an orphan raised under the cruelty of her abusive Uncle and his family doubled with the insecurity about her appearance that has sprung from being fat, Diana’s outlook in life remains free from the taint of anger and bitterness, taking refuge in the loving company of best friends Beatrice and Sofia instead. Her ability in cooking lands her a job as a successful chef in a restaurant in Hong Kong, and later in her own cooking show, her ticket to becoming one of the most famous celebrities in her country. She takes the responsibility of being mother to Margaret, the child of her best friend Beatrice and true love Edward.

Sofia Borromeo (Dina Bonnevie) - Bitter at being unloved and later abandoned by her prostitute mother, Sofia vows revenge by becoming extremely successful. Finding a family in Beatrice and Diana, she takes her chance with her friends in Hong Kong to fulfill her dreams. She fails in her career, but finds a way to make up for her loss: becoming a mistress to Mr. Dee, her boss. Stopping at nothing to get what she wants, she gives birth to their lovechild Stephanie, whom she sells to the highest bidder: Mrs. Dee, her boss’ wife, who bribes Sofia to go back to the Philippines and take Stephanie away from her husband.

Beatrice (Mickey Ferriols) - Beatrice reigns as the town’s beauty, with suitors flocking all over her side. But she falls in love instead with Edward, heir of the biggest estate in town and her best friend Diana’s beloved, and engages in a one-night affair that results to her pregnancy with Margaret.

Edward Verdadero (John Estrada) - As a child he was raised under the military-like discipline of his ambassador father, and found the only safe haven of friendship with Diana. But fate separates them and upon his return to the town he finds his feelings for Diana developing into genuine love, only to be caught in a drunken one-night stand with Diana’s best friend Beatrice and obliviously becomes a father.

Margaret Benipayo (Heart Evangelista) - Safe in the make-believe that her doting mother Diana is indeed real family, Margaret grows along with best friend Stephanie and becomes the same good-hearted person as Diana is despite Sofia’s suffocating grip on her life. Then came an opportunity to take temporary reprieve in an immersion project in a remote town where she meets Harry, the love of her life.

Stephanie Borromeo (Anne Curtis) - Sofia’s unwanted child who continuously craves for her mother’s attention, Stephanie’s only stronghold is the affection she receives from Diana and best friend Margaret. Losing in a battle of hopeless attempt to win her mother over, Stephanie sheds off her meek persona and takes the same path as Sofia, a rebel out to prove that she can make it on her own.

Harry / Andrew (Geoff Eigenman) - Harry falls in love with Margaret during her class immersion in their town, and in the hope of making himself worthy of her tries to find the past behind his deformed face, getting into an accident in the process and acquiring amnesia. Soon he finds Stephanie and falls in love with her, unknowingly triggering a reincarnation of the past between parents of best friends Margaret and Stephanie.


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