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    Stand for Love: Trailer
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    Stand for Love: Pilot Episode
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Stand for Love
(Gulong ng Palad)


Kristine Hermosa, TJ Trinidad, Joel Torre, Rio Locsin, Luis Alandy, Andrea del Rosario, Jorross Gamboa, Hazel Anne Mendoza, Racquel Villavicencio, Tuesday Vargas and Cherrie Gil

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Fiji Islands, Ghana, Namibia, Zambia, China, Nigeria


When Carding and Luisa reunite, their childhood friendship developed into sincere love for each other. Having all things opposite, Carding braves all the obstacles just to be with Luisa. His mother’s selfish intentions and political ambition will alter the love they hoped to share together for life.

Just when they made their marriage vows, Mimi, a strong-willed woman who is intensely infatuated with Carding, steals every possible opportunity to win him. While Carding finishes his study in the city with Mimi, Luisa is left with Carding’s mother, Menang. The couple’s distant relationship will pave the way for Menang and Mimi to ruin the love and trust carding has for Luisa. As she bears all of Menang’s cruelty, Diego, a lowly gentleman will stand beside Luisa as a loyal friend.

Will Carding fall for the plot of his mother and Mimi? And will hatred, betrayal and heartaches force Luisa to turn to Diego’s sweetest offer instead?

Character Guide

Luisa (Kristine Hermosa) – beatific in both demeanor and face Luisa is the much-loved daughter of Tomas and Idad and the great love of ex-mayor’s son Carding. By virtue of being born to an impoverished family she has become the target of a lethal conspiracy between Menang and Mimi.

Carding (TJ Trinidad) – hailing from a prominent family Carding is the sheltered heir of the Medel family. He falls deeply in love with Luisa and it is the breach of their social class that becomes their love’s biggest hurdle.

Menang (Cherrie Gil) – the controlling mother of Carding with a mindset that being rich renders her up on an pedestal, she will do everything to keep her precious son away from the lowlife that she considers Luisa—even if it means making life hell for Luisa and her whole family in the most evil way imaginable.

Idad (Rio Locsin) – the practical house maker of the family who works as the laundry woman for the wealthy but kindly Carmen. Idad takes on the responsibility of supporting her family and protecting her daughter from the latter’s cruel mother-in-law when her husband dies from an orchestrated mishap.

Tomas (Joel Torre) – a frustrated poet whose dream of a literary career instead ended with a job as monotonous as the train contraption he’s working with, he is the provider of the family and an understanding father to Luisa.

Diego (Luis Alandy) – Luisa’s childhood friend who has carried a torch for her all these years despite knowing that Luisa’s heart already belongs to Carding.

Mimi (Andrea del Rosario) - Luisa’s rival since her childhood days who loves Carding to a passion and will do anything to lure him into her trap, she is also the cunning daughter of Carmen.

Carmen (Racquel Villavicencio) - The kindhearted employer of Idad who is ironically mother to the devious Mimi. She has been a longtime friend of Menang but this does not hinder her from sympathizing with her hired help Idad and her family during the former’s bouts of wickedness.

Saling (Tuesday Vargas) - Luisa’s best friend and staunch defender, Saling is the only person who is privy to the real score between Luisa and her evil mother-in-law.


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