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Here with Me
(Sa Piling Mo)


Judy Ann Santos, Albert Martinez, Rica Peralejo, John Wayne Sace, Maja Salvador, Raphael Martinez, Bembol Rocco, Lotlot de Leon, Jason Gainza, Matt Ranillo III, Liza Lorena and Piolo Pascual

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Nigeria, Brunei, Kenya, Cambodia


It’s a story about two friends, Adrian and Jennifer, who grew up together, finding love and contentment in each other. Their promise of love will be put to a test, when Adrian is diagnosed to be blind forever if he is not operated soon. Jennifer feeling desperate for fast money, decide to take matters in her own hands that will change their lives forever.

Caught and haunted by her crime, she is forced to go in hiding, leaving Adrian all alone without knowing what she has sacrificed for him. Separated, their love for each other remains, thus starts their journey in reuniting with their only love… each other.

Character Guide

Jennifer Limbaga / Katherine Chuatoco (Judy Ann Santos) – she is known as “Lucky” in the cockpit arena. Out of deep love for Adrian, she is willing to exhaust all efforts in saving money for an operation that would restore his eyesight. But fate drove her apart from Adrian and this separation would change her character.

Adrian Tuazon (Piolo Pascual) – Throughout his blindness, all he ever wished for was to get a glimpse of the woman he loves, Jennifer. But before this ardent wish is fulfilled, Jennifer will disappear, and he will remain unaware of the great sacrifice she has made for him.

Nicole Fuentabella (Rica Peralejo) – All her life, she has been imprisoned in the memory of her dead mother. In the arms of Adrian, she experiences true love for the first time. Can she endure living for memories once again and give up the only man she ever loved?

Benicio Chuatoco (Albert Martinez) – The son of a powerful congressman who is accustomed to getting everything he wants. His world changes when he meets Jennifer. Will his pride rule in the end or will his growing feelings for her turn his life around?

Russel (John Wayne Sace) – He dreams of nothing but to make his childhood friend, Marissa, fall for him. However, she only regards him as a brother.

Marissa (Maja Salvador) – A simple country girl. Her desire to escape the kind of life she grew up with compromises her unwillingness to hurt the ones she loves.

Tatum (Raphael Martinez) – As Adrian’s surrogate brother, he served as the former’s “eyes”. Like Russel, this young man will fall in love with Marissa.

Al (Bembol Rocco) – A former seminarian, Al devotes his whole life taking care of Jennifer, the orphaned daughter of the only woman he ever loved.

Norma (Lotlot de Leon) – Marissa’s mother. Her greatest fear is to see her daughter commit the same mistakes she made in the past.

Jason (Jason Gainza) – The funny worker and caretaker at the sugar plantation who always brings cheer to the usually problematic Adrian.

Don Jose Fuentabella (Matt Ranillo III) – he never escaped the memory of his late wife, and his grief compelled him to deprive his only daughter, Nicole, of love and attention.

Mother Geena (Liza Lorena) – Adrian and Tatum’s surrogate mother. She served as Adrian’s guardian after the latter’s separation from Jennifer.


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