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Crazy for You


Toni Gonzaga, Luis Manzano, John Prats, Michelle Madrigal, Roxanne Guinoo, Joseph Bitangcol, Sandara Park, Gab Drilon, Valeen Montenegro, Aldred Gatchalian, Victor Basa and Pokwang

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Cambodia, Tanzania, Nigeria


A crazy romance in Spain sprang between Wacky, a rich hunk and Janice, a witty-beautiful day-hire maid.

Janice was forced to embrace a life in Spain as an overseas worker to help out her family. She takes on the job of cleaning the apartment of wacky, a foreign student in Barcelona. The two never had the chance to meet, they only communicated by posting notes around the house.

One night, Janice and her friends crashed into a party. There she met Wacky and pretended to be a rich girl by the name of “Louis.” They fell for each other at first sight. They danced through the night, without Janice knowing that Wacky is her boss and Wacky had no idea that Louis and Janice are one and the same. As Janice returned to work, she discovers that the Wacky she met at the party is the same person that she was working for. Afraid of how Wacky will react, she hid herself and continued to lie about her identity.

As the communication continued, the deeper they fell for each other. But just when you think it’s going to be a start of a happy journey, Wacky’s ex-girlfriend Sabrina, enters the scene. Still crazy in love with Wacky, she will do everything possible to win him back. And the only way to break the new lovebirds apart is for her to reveal Janice’s well kept secret.

Character Guide

Janice (Toni Gonzaga) – a young woman working as a day-hire maid in Barcelona to help out her family. One day Janice takes on the job cleaning for a Filipino student’s apartment. And this is when more troubles begin for her.

Wacky (Luis Manzano) – a young man sent to study business in Barcelona by his father. A responsible and organized kid, sometimes to a fault, he meets a mysterious lady one evening who turns out to be the maid he hired to clean his apartment.

Blessy (Pokwang) – Janice’s best friend in Spain. She works as a caregiver on weekdays, and sidelines as a nanny on weekends. Blessy works to support her adopted son.

Paolo (John Prats) – decided to move to Spain to become a dancing instructor to support his family. He is also the confidant of Wacky. But sometimes Wacky thinks Paolo is just too close for comfort.

Sabrina (Michelle Madrigal) – even though she is raised in Barcelona she is still in touch with her Filipino roots. She likes Wacky but her wild ways turned him off eventually. She then discovers that he’s falling for another girl. She’ll do anything just to get Wacky’s affections back.

Trish (Roxanne Guinoo) – the girl Paolo left behind in the Philippines. While Paolo is exploring his ‘identity’ in Spain, she remains unaware of her boyfriend’s adventures. She hopes that their relationship will remain strong despite the miles between them. Would she ever find out the truth?

Jomar (Joseph Bitangcol) – the younger brother of Janice. He takes up a nursing course in college just to please his parents. He falls in love with Ara, and this makes trouble for him at school.

Ara (Sandara Park) – she and Jomar often hang-out together because he’s Lee’s best bud. She defends Jomar when Lee takes advantage of his friend’s kindness. She soon realizes that might have chosen the wrong guy to give her heart to.

Lee (Gab Drilon) – transforms into the arrogant big man on campus, Lee. He treats Jomar like his personal slave, giving his errands or making him do their assignments. Ara’s sympathy towards Jomar makes Lee jealous, causing friction between the two.

Luna (Valeen Montenegro) – is Luna, Wacky’s sister who’s growing resentful at her brother by the minute. It seems that everything she does is not enough for her parents to pay some attention to her. And add to that her No.1 status at school is being threatened by a new student, Brix. Could life be anymore complicated for Luna?

Brix (Aldred Gatchalian) – the new boy at Luna’s school. Luna hates him on sight and they do nothing but bicker all the time. Though she dislikes his presence in school he can’t help but become head over heels in love with her.

Errol (Victor Basa) – the young man captivated by Janice’s charms. He’ll be the tough competitor for Janice’s heart when she gets back home from Barcelona.


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