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More than Love
(Maging Sino Ka Man)


John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby, Anne Curtis, Chinchin Gutierrez, Irma Adlawan, Bing Pimentel, Glenda Garcia, Dick Ysrael, Smokey Manoloto and Christopher de Leon

Strongest among female and male adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Romania, Nigeria, Zambia, Brunei, China, Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia, Fiji Islands


USTv Awards 2007
Best Drama Series Best Drama Actor (John Lloyd Cruz)
Best Drama Actress (Bea Alonzo)

Star Awards for Television 2007

Best Drama Series Best Drama Actor (John Lloyd Cruz)

Anak TV Seal Award 2007

Most Well-Liked TV Program


Jackie is the only child of Don Fidel, a very powerful banker. She is set to marry her long time fiancé a shipping magnate – JB. Being part of a prominent family makes her visible to the public which captured the heart of Eli.

Eli, a simple yet hardworking student who is very much the opposite of Jackie’s social status. Due to their depressing situation, Eli’s brother was forced to join a group that is set to kidnap Jackie. Things did not turn out as planned that led Jackie lose her memory and Eli decides to pretend to be Jackie’s husband. With the passing of time, they fall in love.

While Jackie is believed to be dead, JB finds solace in the arms of Jackie’s cousin, Celine. Until an accident occurs and restores Jackie's memory. Confused and disoriented she decides to return home. JB and Celine were then forced to deny their relationship.

The entire mishap has made Don Fidel devastated, vengeful and biter. He swears to make Eli and his family miserable.

“Four lives. Four hearts. Everyone hoping for happiness, freedom and true love”.

Character Guide

John Lloyd Cruz plays the role of Eli Davide, a persevering guy who comes from a poor family who believes that love can surpass every challenge that may come his way, even his stature in life. An accident and a brutal discovery leads him to taking back what was originally his.

Bea Alonzo is Jackie Madrigal, the unica hija of a banking magnate. Jackie is the exact opposite of Eli in terms of status, she is from a rich family but remains humble still. She is the epitome of a rich girl living a perfect life, when in fact, she has internal struggles and conflicts that she combats everyday. She has a loving father, an attentive boyfriend, the looks, the wealth – but what is it that she’s missing in her life?

Anne Curtis plays the role of Celine Magsaysay, a go-getter and aggressive girl who faces every trial in her life head on. She poses a tough image for everyone to see but in reality she is shadowed by a sadness that she cannot seem to let go off. In her image of steel is actually a heart of gold.

Sam Milby as JB Berenguer, a part of a rich and prominent family who is closely attached to his mother. He could have anything a man could wish for, except for his freedom.

Christopher de Leon, plays the role of Fidel Madrigal, the father of Jackie. Despite his successes in life, he still is in search for his true happiness. He is willing to risk everything he has to achieve the peace he has been longing to have for years.

Chin-chin Gutierrez as Corazon Vda. De Berenguer, JB’s controlling mother and an heir of an established corporation. She comes from a dark past that gives her a hateful outlook in life, but in her is a pure heart screaming to be freed.

Irma Adlawan is Imelda Magsaysay, Fidel's younger step sister and Celine's mother. Despite their family's wealth, she feels that there's a big part of her life that's missing.

Bing Pimentel as Monique Madrigal. She is Fidel's former wife and Jackie's estranged mother. Even though she and her daughter are apart, she still hopes that one day Jackie's trust in her returns.

Glenda Garcia is Mamu G., Corazon's sister and JB's favorite aunt. She may have some quirks in her personality but she is the one person JB runs to in times of trouble.

Dick Ysrael – Eli’s adoptive father. His family is the most important thing in his life and will do anything to protect them. He succumbs to illness though and is sad to be a burden to his 2 sons.

Smokey Manaloto – Eli’s older brother. Not a very bright student, he gave Eli the leeway to complete his college education while he worked as a taxi driver. Pong's impulsive decisions lead him and his family to disaster.


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