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My Girl


Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Nina Jose, Enchong Dee, Alex Gonzaga, K Brosas, David Chua, Lito Pimentel, DJ Durano, Bing Loyzaga, Regine Angeles and Ronaldo Valdez

Strongest among female and male teens (13-19)

Territories sold:

Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Brunei, Malaysia


Harvard-educated, Julian is the heir to his grandfather’s hotel business. Used to being responsible, he is a serious and purposeful young man. Hence, he is determined to grant his ailing grandfather’s wish for him to search for his long-lost cousin, Hannah.

It is this single-mindedness that drives Julian to hire a tour guide, Jasmine, to impersonate Hannah. Jasmine is perfect for the job as she is a glib talker who relies on her quick wit and persuasive personality to get by.

The deception forges a bond of friendship between Julian and Jasmine despite their contrasting personalities and social background. But there is Anika – Julian’s ex-girlfriend who is resolute in reconciling with Julian. Moreover, Julian’s best friend, Nico, is not exactly immune to Jasmine’s charms either.

Can true love emerge from a foundation of lies for Julian to finally have the right to call Jasmine “my girl”?

Character Guide

Jasmine (Kim Chiu) – a street-smart girl who relies on her extraordinary survival skills to make ends meet. Her irresponsible father often gets her into scrapes, but that doesn’t stop her from being a good daughter to him. Fluent in Filipino, English, Visayan and Mandarin, she works as a tour guide. A glib talker, she can easily convince anyone of anything.

Julian (Gerald Anderson) – as the heir to a chain of hotels, he has an enormous sense of responsibility that keeps him from having any fun. Aside from work, his only other concern in life is for his ailing grandfather whose one wish is for him to find his missing granddaughter, Hannah. However, his ordered world will soon be turned upside down when he meets the bubbly Jasmine, whom he asks to stand in as his long-lost cousin Hannah.

Nico (Enchong Dee) – Julian’s best friend, who is his exact opposite. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Nico believes that life is all about pleasure. But this playboy will soon find himself turned into a one-woman man when his fickle heart learns to beat for just one girl.

Anika (Nina Jose) – Julian’s beautiful ex-girlfriend who breaks up with him for the sake of her career. She returns from her jet-set life abroad with only one intent - to win him back. She is so focused on this goal that nothing will stop her from getting what she wants--even if it means hurting someone else in the process.

Grandfather Greg (Ronaldo Valdez) – a self-made man who made some hurtful decisions in the past. Now that he’s suffering from a serious ailment, he wants to correct his mistakes by asking Julian to find his long-lost granddaughter, Hannah.

Aunt Belle (Bing Loyzaga) – she’s been the only one her father could rely on ever since her elder sister, Sarah, eloped with a poor man. Because of her unwavering dedication to their family, she ends up becoming a doting spinster aunt to her nephew, Julian.

Chito (Lito Pimentel) – a widower who raises his daughter Jasmine the best way he knows. His lack of education, however, forces him to rely on gambling as a source of income. But because he often loses, he ends up running to Jasmine to bail him out of trouble. When he is mugged and fails to deliver the winnings of a client, Jasmine is forced to go along with Julian’s plan to earn the money.

John (DJ Durano) – the ever-loyal bodyguard/driver of Grandfather Greg is also an aspiring sculptor. But he keeps his talent a secret, as he does his long-hidden feelings for Aunt Belle because of his station in life.

Tess (K Brosas) – a widow whose late husband was Greg’s business partner. Now the senior vice president of the corporation, this ambitious woman desperately wants to take over the presidency. When it is given to Julian instead, she devises the plan to marry off her son Nico to Jasmine in the mistaken belief that Jasmine really is Hannah, who along with Julian also stands to inherit their grandfather’s chain of hotels.

Shiela (Regine Angeles) – Julian’s ever-efficient executive assistant and confidante in his search for his long-lost cousin. As the main breadwinner of her family, her job is really important to her.

Christine (Alex Gonzaga) – when worse comes to worst, as it most certainly does, Christine is the best friend whom Jasmine knows she can always depend on, especially when she’s in trouble. A tour guide like Jasmine, Christine also moonlights as a beautician in her mother’s beauty salon.

Jeffrey (David Chua) – Christine’s twin brother as well as Jasmine’s close friend. This certified nerd will undergo a complete makeover when he meets the love of his life.


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