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One Great Love
(Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin)


Coco Martin, Maja Salvador, Andi Eigenmann, Tonton Gutierrez, Amy Austria, Ronaldo Valdez, John Estrada, Boots Anson-Roa, Dante Rivero, Martin del Rosario and Lorna Tolentino

Strongest among female adults (35+) and male teens (13-19)


This is a story of two opposing wolrds and two different families, bounded by lies, betrayals and life-changing secrets.

Alexander was born into a family with a strong military background, while Javier was raised in the mountain-based community of outlaws. Soon after graduation from the military academy, and bent on proving himself to his stern grandfather, Alexander accepts deployment to the territory of the outlaws.

In one battle, Alexander and Javier come face to face in a life changing encounter. Are they long lost win brothers?

Alexander and Javier form a pact and decide to keep their meeting a secret. They soon embark on an investigation that traces their roots in pursuit of the truth of their real identities. They switch places and immmerse themselves in each other's personal lives and with the respective families they grew up with. But as they push much deeper into unfamiliar territory, the line between family and duty begins to blur.

The truth that they wanted to realize becomes their worst nightmare, as it threatens to ruin everybody and everything that is important in their lives.

Character Guide

Alexander (Coco Martin) comes from a prominent family with a strong family background. He has a domineering grandfather who is one of the country's feared generals, a manipulative mother solely devoted to pleasing her father, her husband but not her own son and a father who is respected military officer and the only one who truly understands him.

Javier (Coco Martin) grew up in the arms of the mountain-based community of outlaws. He dreams to experience the comfort of a normal civilian's life, a life he never knew but he will soon find out.

Krista (Maja Salvador) is a tough girl who's courage and combat skills match those of the men in the camp. Feisty and witty, she refuses to dwell on the sad side of life. She has two missions in life: fulfill the romance of her life with fellow outlaw Javier and to avenge her parent's death.

Gabrielle (Andi Eigenmann) an intelligent military officer and Alexander's childhood friend. She is the object of Berto's affection but her heart belongs to Alexander.

Alondra (Lorna Tolentino) is a shrewd and ambitious businesswoman, she was able to transform their family's jewelry into an empire. A doting wife to her husband Joacquin but an unaffectionate mother to alexander. A vicious woman, she can stand up to anyone but cowers from her father and her husband.

Col. Joaquin (John Estrada) an honest and principled man but Joaquin's main struggle is to keep his family intact, with him leading the way and not his overbearing father-in law interfering with his every decision.

Rosa (Amy Austria) is an educated woman, she left the confort of the city life to become a teacher in the rebel camp. She is the wife of Bernabe and a surrogate mother to Javier.

Bernabe (Tonton Gutierrez) an officer of the outlaw group and serves as a medicine man of the camp. He lost his wife and child in a fire years ago and it was in that incident that he met Rosa. A very principled and reliable man but unknowingly, he harbors a secret past, one - that continues to haunt him.

Elena (Boots Anson-Roa) came from a family of outlaws. But she turned her back on the movement when she fell in love, which led to her parents' death. Living what would have been her dream of a normal life with the man she married, she sadly discovered that change wasn't going to take place that decadent system still prevailed.

Gen. Sebastiano (Ronaldo Valdez) is the Vice Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, he has served as adviser to the country's past presidents. He considers himself a soldier aboe all else. He prioritizes his duty to his country over his family, his friends, even himself. his word is the law and he instills fear in the hearts of many.

Gern. Marcelo (Dante Rivero) is Jaime's long time friend and confidante, is an honest, principled and liberal soldier. A grandfather to Gabrielle, he is the only man who can stand up to and reason with Jaime.

Berto (Martin del Rosario) is a graduate of military academy and an explosive expert. He dreams of earning the approval of his superiors and rising above the ranks. He is Alexander's loyal friend and he is deeply in love with Gabrielle.


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