Super Inggo


    Makisig Morales, Jairus Aquino, Joshua Dionsion, Sam Concepcion, Kaye Abad, Derek Ramsey, Zanjoe Marduo, Andrew Muhlach, Meryll Soriano, Nova Villa, Zaira dela Pena, Angelu de Leon, Kathryn Bernardo, Herbert Bautista, Angelu de Leon and Ai-Ai delas Alas

    Strongest among male and female adults (30+)

    Territories sold:

    Malaysia, Indonesia


    Series of incidents led the ten-year old boy Budong to the discovery of this superhuman power. He eventually went to the Power Academy, a secret training school for super heroes. As he accepted and mastered his special abilities, he took on the responsibility of protecting his community as ‘Super Inggo’.  He encounters horrifying kinds of creatures.  With the passing of time Budong realizes that Pacing, the strict and mother who raised him is not his real mother after all.  He then sets on a mission to know the true identity of his parents, but his search for enlightenment only led him to a dark truth.

    Character Guide

    Budong (Makisig Morales) – raised by his Aunt Pacita, he grows up to be a street-smart 10-year-old kid who dreams of one day becoming a superhero. He’s a loving and thoughtful son to his “mother” but still longs to find who his real parents are.

    Jomar (Jairus Aquino) – he is Budong's best friend and sidekick. Like Budong he also dreamt of one day being a superhero. Later on, it was revealed that he is an adopted child and that he was the lost son on Bugan and Prince of Darkness.

    Boy Bawang (Sam Concepcion) – he is Budong’s superhero idol and is also the only son of Kumander Bawang.

    Ken (Joshua Dionisio) – one of the “chosen children” by the Prince of Darkness (POD), he is Budong’s closest rival in the Power Academy. He is keen on becoming a successful superhero in order to avenge his tribe.

    Teg (Andrew Muhlach) – is also one of Budong’s rivals in the Power Academy. Seen as a weakling by those around him, he rarely shows off his powers in the hope of being able to control it. He’s the son of “Monster in a Jar” and POD, he also holds a deadly secret.

    Super Inday (Meryll Soriano) – she was a popular superhero back in the ‘80s and is Super Islaw’s fiancée but after being trapped in a jar for ten years she has absolutely no recollection of the past.

    Kumander Bawang (Herbert Bautista) – He is one of the main figures in Power Academy who specializes in teaching about potions and spells. He is Boy Bawang’s father.

    Machete (Derek Ramsey) – One of Budong’s mentors, he teaches weapon handling and fighting styles. He is also one of the four magical teachers.

    Super Islaw (Zanjoe Marudo) – He is Super Inday’s fiancé who also got trapped inside the jar. He is also the biological father of Super Inggo.

    Petrang Kabayo (Empoy Marquez) – he currently teaches the children about the mythical creatures in “Pantaswkela”. He donated his powers in order to help seal the banga and can never ever turn himself to his full human/horse form ever again.

    Jessa (Zaira dela Pena) – in spite of popularizing the blusang itim, she actually has all sorts of other blouses in different designs and colors – each having a different power. One of her blouses actually acts as a key to opening the banga. She currently teaches in the Power Academy about superhero costumes.

    Ava Avanico (Empress Schuck) – she is Boy Bawang’s ladylove and is the daughter of another popular superhero, Pepay Paypay.

    Prince of Darkness (PoD) – he is actually a very loving son who is bent on freeing his mother from the “Jar”, he goes to great lengths just to find the Evil Trinity – which is composed of the Evil Father, the Evil Mother and the Evil Son. He needs to find the long-lost son of the “Monster in a Jar”.

    Bugan (Ai Ai delas Alas) – a monster who was trapped within the jar, along with Super Inday and Super Islaw. She is the wife of the Prince of Darkness. Also, it has been revealed that Bugan is the biological mother of Budong.

    Pacita (Angelu de Leon) – she is the foster mother of Budong. At first, she blames him in her crippled condition and despises superheroes. She is also Super Inday’s sister.

    Maya (Kathryn Bernardo) – she is the daughter of Kanor and step daughter of Cynthia. She is the love interest of Budong.

    Kanor (Mark Anthony Fernandez) – he is Maya's father and his wife died few years ago and then falls in love with Cynthia.

    Cynthia (Kaye Abad) – she was blamed for Pacita's husband's death. She is married to Kanor. At first Maya and Cynthia are not in good terms.

    Juanita (Nova Villa) – Pacita’s mother-in-law. She preferred another girl to her son, Joaquin and blames Budong for the untimely death of her son and the real grandson.


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