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Kung Fu Kids


Jairus Aquino, Andre Garcia, Paul Salas, Jane Oineza, Eliza Pineda, Kristopher Dangculos, Joshua Dioniso, Gerard Pizzaras, Wowie de Guzman, Cheska Billiones, Kian Kazemi, Allan Dizon, Matteo Guidicelli, Erich Gonzales, Jhong Hilario, Asia Agcaoilli, Mickey Ferriols, Arlene Muhlach, Christopher Roxas and Sid Lucero

Strongest among female teens (2-12) and male adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia


It starts with Lembot, a sickly nine-year old boy who dreams of learning martial arts to defend himself against neighborhood bullies and to measure up his father’s expectations. He is soon joined by six other kids – Chubbs, the food lover; Moi, the spoiled brat; Benjo, the bully; Uragon, the quick-witted leader; the unpretentious Sarah and the street smart Jazz.

Known collectively as Kung Fu Kids, the group of friends train under Kung Fu Master Krung, as they get embroiled in an ancient battle that will teach them about friendship, love for family and the courage to fight for one’s beliefs.

Seven kids. Seven personalities. Seven different abilities. United by one goal – to prevent evil from doing harm to their loved ones.

Character Guide

Waldo "Lembot" Ramos Jr. (Jairus Aquino) – this asthmatic and sickly nine-year old boy grew up being bullied by other kids and also by his own father. He became an expert in the art of Kung Fu, and with his smooth, swift moves, is now the small-but-terrible defender of the people he loves.

Chester "Chubbs" Trinidad (Andre Garcia) – this cute, food-loving eight-year old boy comes from a well-off family and is Lembot's best friend. His special abilities are force reversal and bouncing energy.

Leonardo "Uragon" De Vela (Paul Salas) – Intelligent and responsible, this 12-year old boy is the MacGyver of the group because he always finds his way out. But as their leader, he will face problems that have to do with his pride and insecurities. His special abilities are to instantly assess situations and come up with solutions to them. He is an ideal son, and Chubbs looks up to him.

Moira "Moi" Ocampo (Jane Oineza) – this 12-year old girl is the daughter of a Congressman and is somewhat bratty, spoiled, and vain but only because she’s looking for something money can’t buy. She has the special ability to read minds, so don’t you dare tell her anything less than the truth.

Sarah Magalang (Eliza Pineda) – a simple, kind-hearted child who looks like any other 11-year old girl but with very poor eyesight that is more than compensated for by the special abilities of radar and exceptional hearing she possesses. Despite being born into poverty, she remains optimistic about the future and her one goal in life is to see her parents back together again.

Benjamin "Benjo" Reyes (Kristopher Dangculos) – raised in an orphanage, Benjo is a handsome boy who grew up not knowing how to read and write and that his father was the Congressman. Because of his tendency to help others, he is known as the "Robin Hood" of the group. He has also known as “Bully,” thanks to his physical strength and scars on his arms and legs which, along with his sixth sense, he does not hesitate to use to stand up for what’s right. He is quite mischievous, and enjoys doing things in the spirit of fun.

Jaizer "Jazz" Marasigan (Joshua Dionisio) – cunning, sly, and very secretive, this 10-year old boy is known for his signature-spiked hair, black skull-covered T-shirt, and cargo shorts. He is brusque, easily tempted, selfish, and innately distrustful of others which is why his special abilities to control and manipulate come in handy. He starts out as one of the bad guys, and is the archenemy of Benjo but later on becomes an ally of the group. He is the martial arts expert who always wins.

Kung Fu Master Krung Krung (Sid Lucero) – a man with an air of mystery about him, known for his bravery and skill, his mission in life is to find the missing statue of Shen Lin Lian to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Macoy a.k.a. Fisherman (Gerard Pizzaras) – this greedy, selfish traitor is the avowed enemy of the Kung Fu Master, for it was he who stole the statue of Shen Lin Liang to use for his own evil deeds.

Waldo (Wowie de Guzman) – father of Lembot and Baby, he’s a cop who hasn’t quite gotten over his wife’s death and blaming Lembot for it which is why he takes everything out on Lembot whenever he can.

Baby – (Cheska Billiones) – a beacon of light in the family home ever since the death of their mother, she is Lembot’s protector and defends him against their father.

Teban (Kian Kazemi) – a very close friend of Waldo’s who is like a second father to Baby and Lembot.

Adrian (Allan Dizon) – Moira’s politician father, he is at heart a good and loving person. But he owes a lot of favors to Fisherman, who helped him get elected.

Gian (Matteo Guidicelli) – Fisherman’s only child whom he sent abroad specifically to train as a martial artist to prepare him for the day when he would be taking over his father’s evil empire. Yet it is good, not evil, that reigns in Gian’s heart.

Nick (Erich Gonzales) – Sarah’s tomboyish older sister who will one day meet and fall in love with a boy who will love her back in return.

Kevin (Jhong Hilario) – Jazz’s surrogate father, he is one of Fisherman’s most trusted ninjas and a very close friend of Gian’s.

Sheila (Asia Agcaoilli) – Fisherman’s right-hand man who, unknown to him, is also secretly in love with him.

Juana (Mickey Ferriols) – Uragon’s industrious and hard-working mother.

Lydia (Arlene Muhlach) – Chubbs’s supportive mother.

Tomas (Christopher Roxas) – Chubb’s formerly ideal father who gradually became evil when he went to work for Fisherman.


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