• She-Wolf the Last Sentinel: Trailer
    She-Wolf the Last Sentinel: Trailer
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    She-Wolf the Last Sentinel: Pilot Episode
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    She-Wolf the Last Sentinel: Middle Episode
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    She-Wolf the Last Sentinel: End Episode

She-Wolf the Last Sentinel


Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao, Ryan Eigenmann, Pilar Pilapil, Agot Isidro, Dante Rivero, Robert Arevalo, Maritoni Fernandez, Dimples Romana, Gio Alvarez, Janus del Prado, Nash Aguas, Lauren Young, AJ Perez and Piolo Pascual

Strongest among females adults (40+) and male teens (13-19)

Territories sold:

Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Fiji Islands, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea


37th International Emmy® Awards 2009
Nominated, Best Performance by an Actress (Angel Locsin)

BANFF World Television Festival 2009
Best Telenovela Program

Gawad Tanglaw Awards 2008
Best Drama Series

Anak TV Seal Award 2008
Most Well-Liked TV Program

Star Awards for Television 2008
Best Drama Actor (Piolo Pascual)
Best Drama Series


Lyka and Noah form a bond as children only to lose each other as they grow up. They meet again as strangers finding an unexpected connection in the world of fashion. Lyka is the personal assistant of renowned designer, Lady Elle. Conversely, Noah is hired as Lady Elle’s personal bodyguard, but he is really an undercover operative by the military to spy on the company.

Lyka and Noah eventually fall for each other only to find their love tested beyond compare when the truths of their destinies are revealed. It turns out Lyka belongs to a rare breed of wolves and is slated to experience her transformation on her 21st birthday. This will also signify the fulfillment of her destiny to be the last sentinel and savior of her race. Quite the opposite, Noah is forced to join Luna – an organization dedicated to the eradication of wolves.

Will Lyka and Noah remain true to their love in the face of the secrets, betrayals and violence surrounding them? Up to how long will they be able to defy and challenge the very fates that conspire to tear them apart?

Character Guide

Noah Ortega/Jay-Jay (Piolo Pascual) – a second lieutenant in the Philippine Army, Noah is known for his intelligence, skill, and speed in combat. Behind his quiet and mysterious demeanor lies a man who is capable of loving deeply. But this love will be severely tested when he finds out the truth about the woman he adores. Will he sacrifice everything he stands for in the name of love?

Lyka Raymundo/Ulay (Angel Locsin) – she dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer. But for now, she is content to be a fashion assistant in the House of Elle. However, she will soon find her zest for life diminished by the harsh reality of her heritage. Still, she will capture the heart of the elusive Noah. But will her love prove stronger than the cruel hand fate has dealt her?

Gabrielle Dizon (Shaina Magdayao) – a military asset from the Intelligence Division, Gabrielle is Noah’s best friend. But her loyalty to the corps will one day pit her against Noah, the man she secretly loves.

Anton Rivero (Ryan Eigenmann) – deeply in love with his childhood friend Lyka, he will do anything in his power to thwart the romance between her and Noah, using all the skills he has as a chemist and his innate aggression to keep Lyka for himself.

Eleanora Blancaflor a.k.a. Lady Elle (Pilar Pilapil) – The president of the fabulous fashion house, House of Elle, and the leader of an organization known as “Waya”, Lady Elle conceals, underneath all the glamorous garments she wears, deep a secret known only to a very select few. A perfectionist down to the last detail, she also serves as Lyka’s no-nonsense guardian.

Nessa Raymundo (Agot Isidro) – Lyka’s mother whose extraordinarily dangerous nature left her with no choice but to abandon Lyka for her own safety.
Gen. Leon Cristobal (Dante Rivero) – Noah and his sister Zoe’s father who is well-known for the iron fist he uses both in th army as well as at home, in raising his children. A soldier through and through, he takes his responsibilities at work so seriously to the point that his mysterious mission gets in the way of his duties as a father to Noah and Zoe.

Manolo Sebastian (Robert Arevalo) – the owner of the House of Elle and former member of an organization called Luna, he is willing to risk everything he owns in the name of love.

Vivian Lee (Maritoni Fernandez) – a biochemist that because of her groundbreaking medical discovery will be the key in destroying the race of the wolves.

Trixie (Dimples Romana) – Lyka’s closest friend who works as a costume mistress in the House of Elle.

Elton (Gio Alvarez) – not satisfied with being the creative director of the House of Elle, he deals with his colleagues ruthlessly in his quest for wealth and power.

Minyong (Cris Villanueva) – the village idiot shunned by the townspeople of San Adolfo who was the sole witness to the amazing incident that will explain all the mysterious happenings in the town.

Clara Rivero (Irma Adlawan) – surrogate mother to both Lyka and Anton whom she openly favors because she views him as a real son, leaving Lyka to bear the brunt of her callousness.

Choy (Janus del Prado) – Noah’s buddy in the Army with whom he has fought together, and closest friend.

Tikboy (Nash Aguas) – an orphan who makes his home in the town church, Tikboy is fond of weaving fantastic stories and nurturing all kinds of animals.

Zoe Cristobal (Lauren Young) – Noah’s cheerful and ever-smiling younger sister who out of love for her family often serves as the go-between between him and their father, Leon, whenever they have a disagreement. Of the two, only Zoe is Leon’s biological child.

Bayani Mendoza (AJ Perez) – Yani serves an altar boy in the church of San Adolfo. His mother hopes that one day, he will become a priest but then Yani accidentally falls in love with a city girl.

Lorian (Kalila Aguilos) - Lorian is Lady Elle’s personal assistant and the keeper of her secret.

Fr. Ben (Simon Ibarra) – Parish priest of San Adolfo, he has been privy over the years to many of the townspeople’s secrets.


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