Wherever You Are
    (Saan Ka Man Naroroon)


    Claudine Barretto, Diether Ocampo, Leandro Munoz and Eric Quizon, Cherry Pie Picache, Jacki Lou Blanco, Augusto Victa, Caridad Sanchez, Rustom Padilla, Candy Pangilinan, Lara Fabregas, Charlie Davao, Gina Pareno, Vivian Foz, Sharmaine Centenera, Susan Africa and Rico Yan

    Strongest among male and female adults (35+)

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    On the night that Dolores is about to give birth, storm breaks out, putting up their source of livelihood on the brink of total ruin. Her husband Juancho then forced to leave his wife in the incapable hands of Dolores’ sister, Violeta. Dolores soon gave birth to the triplets Rosenda, Rosario, and Rosemarie. But the former lover of Dolores, Arsenio, happened to be the attending physician whose bitterness and resentment leads him to take one of the siblings – Rosemarie. He made the couple believed that the youngest baby died upon birth. Rosemarie was then raised abroad by Arsenio and grew up to be a very sophisticated lady, innocent of her real roots.

    Years past, and the rivalry between the remaining twins rise up. Rosario grew up to be charming and sweet but unhealthy, drawing much attention from her real parents. This made her sister Rosenda extremely jealous through the years, developing her character into a self-centered and scheming young lady. A confrontation between the twins leads to a tragic accident of Rosario who helplessly gets drowned in the waters. That incident made her parents believed that they already lost Rosario, unknowing that a kind hearted couple found her at the bay shore, where they raised and treated her as their own.

    Bound by blood and seemingly torn apart by fate’s cruel hand, the sisters – Rosenda, Rosario, and Rosemarie lead separate lives, unaware of each other’s existence – until destiny brings them together once more at the expense of their family’s well-kept secret and long-forgotten sins.

    Character Guide

    Rosario (Claudine Barretto) – the kind one. She is sweet and shy, but sickly. She has a talent for singing. She is close to her parents, making her the object of Rosenda’s scorn. After an accident, she is adopted and treated as a daughter by Ben and Cleotilde. She will grow close to Bartolome because of their common love for music. He will be her defender against all her life’s threats.

    Rosemarie (Claudine Barretto) – the modern one. She is smart and liberal-minded because she grew up in America. She seems brave upfront, but she is weak inside. She has no idea about her roots. She was kidnapped at birth by Arsenio, the doctor who delivered the triplets. He did this as an act of revenge against Dolores. She has a Filipino boyfriend who also grew up in America. Out of deep love for her, he will follow Rosemarie to the Philippines.

    Rosenda (Claudine Barretto) – the wicked one. She is selfish, and her disobedience often provokes her parents. She is envious of Rosario. She finds an ally in her aunt Violeta who will turn her against her own father, Juancho, and mother, Dolores. She is secretly in love with her childhood friend, Daniel.

    Daniel (Rico Yan) – Simple but profound. He has a gift for gardening. He grew up tending the roses in the garden of Juancho and Dolores. He hides his feelings for Rosenda until the time he gains courage to express his love. His love for her is pure, and this sets him apart from her other suitors.

    Joshua (Leandro Munoz) – Rich and modern. He grew up in America and currently taking a course in medicine. As Rosemarie’s boyfriend , he gives in to all her whims. Out of extreme love for Rosemarie, he leaves his family in America to join her in the Philippines.

    Bartolome (Diether Ocampo) – Handsome and brave. He loves music and can play the harmonica well. He motivates Rosario to develop her musical gifts. He is her source of strength and defender in times of danger. Other than their father Ben, Bartolome is the man dearest to Rosario’s heart.

    Juancho (Eric Quizon) – A responsible father and husband. A former playboy, Juancho is changed by his love for Dolores. He established a business-a rose plantation-and worked hard to ensure that it flourishes. He is closer to Rosario than to Rosenda whose personality is far different.

    Dolores (Cherry Pie Picache) – A kind and loving wife and mother. She is the only woman Juancho truly loved. She gave birth to triplets, but was only given the chance to raise two of them. She brought them up with proper instruction and care. She tries her best to set Rosenda straight.

    Violeta (Jackie Lou Blanco) – Greedy and cunning. She is Dolores’ evil sister. She wants everything Dolores has, including Juancho. She grows close to her niece, Rosenda, because of their similar traits.

    Ben (Augusto Victa) – The fisherman who found Rosario. A generous husband to Cleotilde and a good surrogate father to Rosario.

    Cleotilde (Caridad Sanchez) – Ben’s simple wife and Rosario’s adoptive mother.

    Gloria (Susan Africa) – Bartolome’s caring mother and Cleotilde’s best friend.

    Alex (Rustom Padilla) – The owner of the club where Rosario was hired as a singer. He lives with a woman whom he doesn’t get along well with.

    Clarita (Lara Fabregas) – Alex’s jealous girlfriend. As a singer herself, she will compete with Rosario.

    Jengky (Candy Pangilinan) – She works in Alex’s club and urges Rosario to work there as a singer.

    Eugenio (Charlie Davao) – The stern and principled father of Dolores and Violeta. Everyone is afraid of him, including his wife, Marita.

    Arsenio (Gina Pareno) – The doctor who delivered Dolores’ babies. He stole baby Rosemarie and raised her in America as his own daughter.

    Lilia (Vivian Foz) – Arsenio’s sister and the nurse who assisted in the delivery of the triplets. She is the only one who knows the secret behind Rosemarie’s identity.

    Aurora (Sharmaine Centenera) – Arsenio’s wife and Rosemarie’s surrogate mother.

    Mang Tino (Ray Ventura) – Juancho and Dolores’ loyal gardener and Daniel’s father.


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