Nora Aunor, Carol Banawa, Desiree del Valle, Michael de Mesa, Celia Rodriguez, Gardo Versoza, Josh Santana, John Lapus, Carlo Munoz and Cherrie Gil

    Strongest among male kids (2-12) and female adults (35+)

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    With hopes of finding a career as a performer, Ador left his pregnant wife Laura and their daughter Melody. Years later, she received news that Ador has found a new love, leaving Laura in a world of misery. Her crisis reaches its peak, when Melody is diagnosed with a heart disease, and the only hope to survive is by means of undergoing a surgery.

    She then turns to her half-sister Carmela, a well known woman, admired for her talent in singing. Nevertheless, as Laura becomes indebted to her, Carmela blackmails her with a painful decision that involves the custody of Laura’s youngest daughter, Bernadette. Having no one else to turn to, Laura was then finally forced to give up Bernadette.

    Unaware that they are sisters, Melody and Bernadette’s rivalry goes beyond their gift as a singer. Bernadette secretly steals and used her sister’s voice on her performances. On the peak of her career, dark secrets were revealed putting up her fans on a total dismay. Now, all the spotlights are turning onto Melody, turning her into a real popstar.

    Character Guide

    Laura Sandoval (Nora Aunor) – A mother whose misery begins when her family is shattered by one woman’s greed. She spends her life as a destitute mother whose only dream is to reunite her daughters. Laura’s untainted character manifests her interminable willingness to forgive and to offer an unconditional love.

    Carmela Gaston (Cherrie Gil) – Her life is marked by erroneous and self-centered decisions that eventually lead to misfortunes she conveniently blames on Laura. A frustrated singer and mother, Carmela scorns Laura for the latter’s inclination towards simple joys.

    Melody Sandoval (Carol Banawa) – Though she suppresses her gift at first, Melody eventually shines as a deft singer. She is raised by Laura in the ways of love but her peaceful life is soon haunted by family-related quandaries, particularly a wretched clash with her own sister.

    Bernadette Gaston (Desiree del Valle) – Her character undergoes a tremendous transformation when she learns that Laura is her real mother. Nevertheless, her depraved upbringing in the Gaston household compels her to pursue her personal happiness regardless of offending others, even her own family.

    Doña Virginia Gaston (Celia Rodriguez) – Mother of Carmela Gaston. This formidable widow is a woman with an indelible emotional wound caused by her late husband’s betrayal. In the middle of her rancorous pursuit of revenge, she finds a promise of new love in an unlikely prospect.

    Salvador Sandoval (Michael de Mesa) – Laura’s husband who becomes a victim of Carmela’s evil plot. Like Laura, he dreams of reuniting with his daughters, but his false understanding of his wife’s character obstruct his quest for a life of peace.

    Diony (Gardo Versoza) – Laura’s friend and confidant who support her at times of grave distress. Although he is a homosexual, Diony soon finds himself on the verge of real happiness in the arms of a woman.

    Dante (Carlo Munoz) – The mute magician who devotes his life to Melody and their future. When Dante’s voice is miraculously restored and he is finally given the chance to express his emotions, Josh Santana enters the picture and threatens to win Melody’s heart.

    Josh Santana (Michael Josh Santana) – He is a famous but arrogant singer forced to work with the neophyte Melody until their tandem takes off in the limelight. Although they detest each other in real life, the singing couple soon find themselves strangely drawn to each other.


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