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    Till Morning Comes: Trailer
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    Till Morning Comes: Pilot Episode
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    Till Morning Comes: Middle Episode
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Till Morning Comes
(Darating ang Umaga)


Eula Valdez, Vina Morales, Ian Veneracion, Jodi Sta. Maria, Danilo Barrios, Aiza Marquez and Patrick Garcia

Strongest among male teens (13-19) and female adults (35+)

Territories sold:

Cambodia, Zambia, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda


A mysterious medallion will weave their fate and seal their destiny in a misery of generations… A medallion is crafted to bring fortune to the Banal Family and to their next generations of kin. Eventually, greed prevails and the medallion is broken into two, thereon carrying a curse in the entire Banal clan. The curse soon came in the form of a man named Don Lucio Riego de Dios. With his arrival in the lives of Milagros and Ramon, a cycle of endless and ruthless sufferings begin until these misfortunes are carried on to their daughters (Mira and Arriana) and to everyone they are bound to love. Their only chance to experience happiness and peace rests on the mending of the broken medallion. Don Lucio however, vows never to see the end of the curse on the Banals. It is Arriana’s mission to save her family from oppression, but it entails a sacrifice that may be far greater than what Arriana is able to make.

Character Guide

Mira (Eula Valdez) – daughter of a poor yet devoted couple. Mira grew up to be a loving and responsible sister to Arriana. Born in the impoverished provincial town of San Mateo, she is determined to rise above her family’s wretched situation no matter what it takes. But her being ambitious and bold drives her to make drastic decisions that will lead her to a life of mistakes, regret, and penance. She now lives a simple and humble life for the sake of her son, Nathanael, who will be her only fortress in this poignant but inspiring journey. But can she save her son Natanael from her own ambitions?

Arriana (Vina Morales) – from being the gentle and meek young girl in the province, Arriana will emerge to be the epitome of the woman of today – strong, dignified, and cunning. She has become one of the top female executives in the hotel and restaurant industry. Yet even fame, fortune and success have their price. Although an inspiring leader and a kind giver, she has kept herself alone in her tower. Can one great love bring back her dreams and open her heart again?

Abel (Ian Veneracion) – successful in business and a delightful father, nobody seems to think that Abel has flaws. As his complicated past hounds him, flames will be wrinkled and wounds will be opened. Being the center of two sisters’ affection, he will be caught again amid a net of revenge, discord and deceit. Will he be the only hope that can bring them together or the force that will further them apart?

Nathanael (Patrick Garcia) – has become a reflection of his mother Mira before – driven and ambitious. In the neighborhood or in school, he projects an image of coolness and confidence that others mistake for arrogance. Nathanael’s personality may seem strong but deep within him is a spot for Mira. He has become a silent witness to his mother’s hardships and challenges in life. As his journey continues, he unwittingly leads his mother to unravel secrets and awaken pains from the past that will make his choices in life more difficult… a challenge to test his genuine affection for his mother and his dedication to the love of his life, Nicole. Is he bound to repeat the mistakes of the past?

Daniel (Danilo Barrios) – growing up as Abel’s son, Rafael lives in the shadows of his father’s success, failing in comparison because of his being quiet and reserved. Other people see him as just a “computer geek” whose world revolves around school and home. But unknown to many, he is a prince dying to break out of his shell. Can he gain the approval of his father if he shuns the dreams and ambitions set out for him?

Nicole (Jodi Santamaria) – is a romantic young lady with the soul of a dreamer. It was difficult for her to grow up in a dysfunctional family that is why she nurtures the desire to be loved and cared of. A feisty girl-woman about to come out into the world, she will be shaped by circumstances and by the one great love that will come out into the world, she will be shaped by circumstances and by the one great love that will come her way. Will she fight for a love that can only bring her more pain?

Ella (Aiza Marquez) – is the adoptive daughter of Arriana. Naturally timid and innately conservative, Ella has a hard time living up to the standards set by her mother. She grows up in luxury as Arriana sees to it that she has everything. But she feels empty inside. She yearns for something more… the love her adoptive mother could quite give. Ella will embark on a search for real love. But she will find it in the most unlikely places and in the most dangerous of times.

Savannah (Sharmaine Suarez) – clever as a fox and sexy as a snake, Savannah is the scheming arch-enemy in this game of life, love and revenge. Unreciprocated love drives her to become the bitter and vindictive woman that she is. Savannah will do everything to make the people who wronged her fall on their knees… at her mercy.

Gertrudis (Glydel Mercado) – the wife of Dagon and the best friend of Arriana, Gertrude will be torn between her family and her friend. Her being timid and insecure will keep her from taking any stand, but her husband will use this meekness to his advantage. Until she comes out of her shell, Gertrude will remain the woman behind a “strong woman”.

Vennie (Maribeth Bichara) – loud and bubbly, Venni is Mira’s best friend. She is a merry deviant in a cheerless world of gray. Her boldness always brings a smile and her vivacity never fails to win a friend. Venni lends a splash of color anywhere she goes. She is unconventional as anyone can get. But this sunny façade is just a mask… to hide a past she tries hard to forget.

Milagros (Daria Ramirez) – is the affectionate mother of Mira and Arriana. A tragedy from her past and a guilt that still pursues her will catch her unaware. Hers will be a life of misery and tears. She will make sacrifices to save the ones she loves. But it may prove to be in vain – as willful forces will continually conspire to keep those who are dear to her so far away.

Don Lucio (Dante Rivero) – a rich, greedy and ruthless haciendero, Don Lucio is the father of Savannah and the maddening lover of Milagros. He will do everything to get what he wants no matter what it takes.

Dagon (Aljon Jimenez) – is an unprincipled and egoistic chauvinist with expensive tastes and vices. He married Gertrude, a plain woman he thinks he could easily control, to acquire her family’s wealth and a vast properties. He is a successful leech with his devious schemes. But when he tries to pit wits against Arriana, she will make it hard for him to succeed.

Timothy (Sarji Ruiz) – witty, articulate and smart, Timothy is a perfect catch with one flaw – he is somewhat effeminate. He is Dagon’s only son and his father’s innate machismo makes Timothy a perpetual frustration for his father. He has been a pained witness to the turmoil that rocks the dynamics of his dysfunctional family. He feels alienated from them except for sister Nicole, the only one in his family he can pour his heart to.


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