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    The Long Wait: Trailer
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    The Long Wait: Pilot Episode
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The Long Wait
(Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay)


Lorna Tolentino, John Estrada, Rica Peralejo, Edu Manzano, Johnny Delgado, Shaina Magdayo, Bernard Palanca, Jean Garcia, Bing Loyzaga, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz

Strongest among male kids (2-12) and female adults (35+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Zambia, Kenya, Cambodia, Tanzania, Turkey, Ghana, Uganda, Cote d'lvoire, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Cameroun, La Martinique, Togo, Niger, Gabon, Tahiti, La Reunion, Congo


A twisting duo.
A mother’s search for her long lost son.

A tale of twin sisters who travel different paths to survive in a cruel world. Red Butterfly, the mistress of a powerful and influential drug lord Henri Argos and Lorrea, the timid and naïve falls prey to Francis Ventaspejo. This dim chapter in Lorrea’s life turns into a joy as she gives birth to Andre, also known as Yuri.

Their blissful days end with the betrayal of those to Lorrea. From then on, Lorrea’s life turns into a perennial search for her estranged Yuri. Her quest to find the boy hurls her into Lorrinda’s dangerous world where she also finds her true love amidst the grim realities of criminal life.
Her involvement in her sister’s frenzied affairs leads her in a deadly battle against two treacherous sisters that are set to destroy Red Butterfly and the people she loves. Will Lorrea and Yuri be reunited in the end?

Character Guide

Lorrea Guinto (Lorna Tolentino) – the quintessential martyr sister, daughter, and mother. Lorrea was raped by her priest friend, but all traces of contempt disappear with the birth of her son, Andrei. Lorrea’s tragedy begins when the ruthlessness of the Ventaspejo clan separates her from her little son. In her ardent desire to find Andrei, she steps out of her rural cocoon to fill in the shoes of her supposed dead sister as the fearless criminal, Red Butterfly.

Lorrinda Guinto/Ingrid Medrano/Red Butterfly (Lorna Tolentino) – Lorrea’s twin sister whose wild nature drives herself out of her rustic environment. She changes her name to Ingrid Medrano and becomes the mistress of Henry Argos, a wealthy tycoon who is secretly involved with the deadly Hong Kong Triad, an underground organization of expert drug dealers.

Yuri Orbida/Andrei (John Lloyd Cruz) – Lorrea’s estranged son who ends up being raised by three surrogate fathers one after another. From a street child crook, Yuri becomes the country’s youngest competent lawyer. His life’s tribulation begins when he is hurled into a false knowledge that his own mother killed the beloved father who raised him.

Boris Archangel (John Estrada) – Lorrinda’s lover and Henry Argos’ henchman. Behind his strong criminal façade, Boris’ heart is broken seeing Lorrinda in the arms of his own boss, Henry. Boris aids Lorrea in taking over Red Butterfly’s place and finds himself falling in love with her. Although loyal to the people he values most, Boris’ downfall is caused by his love affairs, and ultimately, by his wrong decision to marry Lady Morgana.

Henry Argos (Edu Manzano) – a widower who is unmistakably the ideal father. What his children do not know is that he is the head honcho of the country’s most elite drug syndicate. Like Boris, he falls prey to Red Butterfly’s charms, and this leads him to his own demise for is own ally, Brigitta, is obsessed with having him all to herself.

Brigitta (Bing Loyzaga) – cunning and never running out of schemes, Brigitta’s goal is to destroy Red Butterfly, but she conceals this mission with loyalty to Henry and the Triad. She loathes Red Butterfly for the latter’s prestigious position in the syndicate and control over Henry.

Helena Argos (Rica Peralejo) – Henry’s eldest daughter who falls in love with Yuri. From a spoiled rich brat, Helena becomes the headstrong provider for her siblings when Henry dies and all their possessions forfeited.

Dimitri Mejares (Jhonny Delgado) – Yuri’s professor in law school who eventually adopts his best student into his home after the murder of Yuri’s adoptive father. Dimitri is torn between his involvement in the syndicate and his essentially good nature that is brought out by his love for Yuri and soon, Lorrea.

Lady Morgana (Jean Garcia) – Brigitta’s equally devious sister who arrives to avenge the latter. Morgana’s plan to destroy Lorrea is sidetracked when she meets and falls in love with Boris. Morgana fails to replace Lorrea’s place in Boris’ heart, but she succeeds in turning Yuri against his own mother.

Katrina Argos (Bea Alonzo) – Helena’s younger sister and Yuri’s great love. Sensible and intelligent, Katrina aids Helena in holding their family together. She forgoes her love for Yuri to avoid hurting Helena who scorns her first love, Yuri, for breaking her heart.


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